Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Plans for Christian Homekeeping

I have some exciting plans ahead for my blog:

  • Podcasts - I used to do podcasts several years ago and I'm thinking of starting it up again!
  • Videos - I constantly get subscribers to my YouTube channel for this blog and my homeschooling one.  I hope to start adding more videos to both.
  • Indoor Gardening how-to's - if time permits, I want to make some videos or at least picture steps on how to do your own indoor garden
  • More homekeeping - I want to add in more homekeeping posts such as cooking, recipes, gardening, organizing, cleaning and more!

I'm excited for the future of my blog and expansion, hope you all are too! 😀

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tealady said...

Looking forward to seeing all your ideas.

Bev said...

Great! Thanks Tealady! 😊

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