Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More Thoughts on Kavanaugh's Accusers

I shared my thoughts about Kavanaugh's first accuser in another post, and there have been 2 more come forward since then.  The second accuser claims that Kavanaugh indecently exposed himself to her while she was drunkenly inebriated lying on the floor, if I have my "facts" straight.  The third accuser, which doesn't remember if Kavanaugh did anything personally to her, rather tells of these drunken gang rape parties that Kavanaugh attended.

So.. The most recent lady is the most sickening in my mind.  Here is a lady, who for over 35 years, has been silent after witnessing what she said in a sworn statement, was some of the most violent, sexual abusive acts against many women over a long period of time.  She didn't seem to care for these girls... until now?  Oh and she was 18 and they were minors.  Oh and she KEPT ATTENDING these drunken gang rape parties over and over despite knowing what happened at them.  Either she liked it or she is insane.

However, how can anyone prove these ladies are lying?  How can anyone prove Kavanaugh is guilty?  I say we investigate this and bring out ALL the men and ALL the women that were at any of these parties - should be a couple hundred on both sides.  Let's investigate them for either being complicit in witnessing sexual crimes against women or doing the crimes.  Sounds fair right?

I wouldn't call these women liars because you are making yourself a false witness, how do you know they are lying?  I also wouldn't call Kavanaugh guilty for the same reason.  NOBODY, besides the accused/accusers, can make these judgements and yet they are!!

This is the kind of world we live in, where victims are afraid to come forward and men get away with horrible crimes OR false witnesses come forward and lie about being a victim and men are punished for horrible crimes they didn't commit.

You can't say we should do away with witnesses to prove something happened because for all time we have depended upon witnesses - think about the Bible and the resurrection of Christ - witnesses!  It is about true and false witnesses and nothing more.  God knows the truth.

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