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It Starts With the Church

1 Peter 4:17-18 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God : and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? A prevailing theme in our culture today is complaining .  You see it everywhere - in the news, on social media, churches, and anywhere else people gather to talk.  Complaints, murmuring, belly-aching and on an on are never-ending!  I've watched probably over 100 videos on YouTube the past 6 months of stories of financial hardships, unemployment, food stamps, the disappearing middle class, income equality, etc.  There was only ONE couple out of all of those videos of many, many people in America, that acknowledged God.  ONE! America has forgotten God.  America has become an unthankful, unholy, and unwavering tide of unrighteousness.  Instead of turning to God - we turn to credit cards, bank loans, family members,

CDC: Sleep Deprivation is a Health Crisis

I've blogged a few times in the past 10 years about sleep.  Sleep deprivation is now a health crisis, according to the CDC this month.  People wonder why they, or their children, have mood issues, school issues, work issues, etc.  It isn't too hard to figure out, especially with children!  I've always been a bit passionate about this topic, so buckle your seat-belts. I believe the biggest crisis of all is what parents do to their children - by sleep depriving them.  They don't put them to bed early enough for them to have enough sleep before they have to get up for school.  Talk about parental abuse , now that child is disabled and will be punished for it.  The teacher and the parents will punish them for their behavior, lack of attention, failing grades, etc. - all because they are sleep-deprived and not functioning at normal capacity, thanks to the parent not ensuring this crucial need.  Most behavior problems in children are from lack of sleep. Children need at

America May Get What She Wants

I read hundreds, if not thousands of stories during this shutdown and not ONE person mentioned God or trusting in God .  It was only complaining, cursing and vile speech against our nation's President and no concern whatsoever for the better good of our country.  That is where America is today - a spoiled, entitled, unthankful and unholy nation that doesn't seek God or trust in Him and thinks nothing of speaking evil against rulers.  I don't feel that God will put up with this much longer.  Maybe God will let the nation have what it wants and became a greater cesspool of sin, debauchery, and let a woman rule to shame us all.   NY is even more cursed now as they literally celebrate the blood they shed of innocent children.  Even some Christian leaders celebrate the prevention of children as they seek their own selfish agendas and teach others to look to children as a hindrance.  I don't see God holding back too much longer. We have federal workers that took jobs

Books I've Been Reading

What you put in is usually what comes out, that is why you need to put good things in.  The Bible is the most important book you will ever read!  It should be first.  After that, you should read books that help you in your roles as a woman - being a wife, homemaking, mothering, homeschooling, etc.  A lot of the modern authors today are teaching incorrect doctrine and I stay away from a lot of their books, though I may read through some of them to glean the good things and leave the bad.  Some of these I've already read recently and others I'm almost done with or just starting.  I read several books at one time depending on what I feel I want to read at that moment in time, so I tend to have a lot going at once!  Some I haven't started yet but plan on it in the next few months. I also have some my daughter is and will be reading this year:

What's Been Cooking

I've tried a lot of new recipes this past year and recently been trying a lot of Instant Pot meals that have turned out amazing!  My daughter has been cooking about 2 meals a week and helping out when I need her.  Here are some pics of a few things we've been making: I made my first completely homemade (cake & frosting) birthday cake and my daughter absolutely loved it!  I've also been making desserts instead of buying them: banana bread, blueberry cobbler in the crockpot and cherry cheesecake pie.  I made one of our favorite Indian dishes that I haven't made in a very long time; Chicken Tikka Masala.  I made 2 crockpots full of Ham & Scalloped Potatoes for Christmas dinner.  Lastly,  I've tried Instant Pot Beefy Scalloped potatoes and Chicken Broccoli and Rice and both turned out perfect and delicious!

Pics: Organizing Throughout the Home

I'm way behind on sharing pics of all the organizing I've been doing the past few months.  This post is picture heavy and should catch you up on what all I've managed to organize lately. My son loves playing play-doh and I had no place to store it downstairs, along with some of his art supplies.  I found this great storage cabinet last year and it is working great.  I got the red storage baskets at the Dollar Tree and the gray/black fabric containers on the shelf above the cabinet. In the homeschool room , I organized his crayons with this great red box that comes with a lid from the Dollar Tree.  I also found these very sturdy divider organizers from Aldi that are working great for holding things up like workbooks on our bookshelves. I organized my son's shelf and closet .  We changed his decor in his room to black, tan and red to match his new bed but have yet to update his storage bins.  I do plan on replacing all of these colorful bins with red ones from the Doll

Immaturity Breeds Unpreparedness

I'm sure you all know about the government shutdown and the sad stories of so many that can't pay the bills, rent, etc. because they just missed a paycheck.  However, the issue isn't the government shutdown - the issue is that so many people in America can't make it ONE month without pay!   If you can't make it without pay for ONE month, then you must do whatever you can do RIGHT NOW and start preparing! The issue of unpreparedness could be traced to a lack of maturity in some cases.  Immaturity screams, "I want it now!' and is impulsive and doesn't think to the future or consequences.  Maturity waits till it has the money, considers the risks and looks to the future.  Sure, there are exceptions - families or people who had the savings but just recently came in to a big medical bill or car repair that wiped out their emergency fund or just being poor or without work and unable to save.  However, for most, it has never even been a thought to save for

2019 - Restitution

I kept waiting upon a Word from the Lord for this New Year and wasn't getting anything.  Then, yesterday we started a revival and in the morning service, God reminded me of a promise that He made to me many years ago.  He said that He will restore the years that have been taken from me .  The preacher preached that you are between a problem and a promise, quit looking at the problem and look and remember the promise!  I know of 2 promises that God made to me in my life, this one and another one that is private but that He is fulfilling.  All that was left was the promise that God would restore all these years of trouble, heartache, tragedy and trauma - pretty much my entire life of 38 years! Then, last night before the preacher preached, the Pastor called me up to the front in front of everyone.  I assumed he was going to anoint me and pray on me simply because of my health issue.  However, he began to prophesy and say he doesn't ever do this but God told him to - him and oth