Hair Update

One of the popular topics that a lot enjoyed in the past was my hair updates.  This is our glory and covering as women, our uncut hair, that grows to the "long" length that we are genetically predisposed to grow.  Mine just happens to settle at mid-thigh to my knees and it has gone up and down over the years.  I haven't cut or trimmed my hair since 1999 in obedience to 1 Corinthians 11.

It is currently in great condition and shiny and silky, as I hardly every use heat anymore.  I let it air-dry and I rarely curl the ends.  In the photo below I had curled the last 5 inches or so of my hair earlier in the day, I don't curl the rest of the length of my hair anymore.  I don't spend much time on my hair and never have, I just comb and go or wear it in a bun or ponytail usually.  I don't think we need to spend enormous times on our appearance because that is the way of the world!  Simple is beautiful!

Summer Vacation, Cleaning & Organizing, Hiking

We finished our school year, took a vacation and then I've been doing deep cleaning throughout the house and organizing.  Here are some pics of our our visit to the Ark Encounter:

Maybe I'm the only one excited about a trash can but this was one of my best buys.  It is trash bin and a recycle bin in one unit but both bins are removable with a wire handle.

I've had my IKEA Karlstad sofa since 2013 and I still absolutely love it!  It has really held up and it is so comfortable still.  However, the dry-clean only covers have frustrated me because no matter how much Lysol and vacuuming you do, they really just need a good wash.  I finally decided to take the risk and I put them in the washing machine on warm!  First, I did a rinse cycle, then I did a full wash on warm/cold.  Then, I even put them in dryer and guess what!?  They came out looking new and smelling wonderful!  No shrinkage and no issues at all.  I was super happy.

We do a lot of hiking since we started hiking after I got myocarditis in April 2019.  We go 3-4 times a week and sometimes I take pics and videos.  There are SO MANY places to hike in this region, we still haven't been to them all.  Sometimes we do short hikes that are a mile or less and sometimes we do long 3-4 hour hikes.  Not only has my heart improved but I've gotten very fit and can do way more than when we started this journey 2 years ago.