Friday, February 5, 2016

The Degradation of Men - Still a Woman's Revolution

Our society began the degradation of men in the name of women's rights.  Under the guise of liberating the woman and being "free" to have a career, they skillfully made men obsolete and only to be used to help the woman gain whatever it was she wanted.  Now, we are left with a culture that came from these Godless women.  A culture that hates children.  A culture that thinks it is a WOMAN'S right to kill her baby and thus, a culture that says murder is a right - but only for women, because if the other half of the baby's DNA wanted to kill the baby, that would go against a woman's right.  We currently have a woman of this mindset running to be President, she is on a mission to have that final stomping ground over her husband, she must conquer him at all costs and she will be, basically already is, the virago queen of feminists everywhere.  However, she will never be satisfied, though she trample over man and reaches the top, because she was made to be what God intended and seeking after the opposite is a endless endeavor.

Is it is any wonder that we have a society full of fornication, adultery, pedophilia, gender-confusion, homosexuality and all other manner of perversions?  No, it was and still is something that originated from a woman.  Men have become the laughingstock of the entertainment of our society.  They are constantly ridiculed, made a spectacle of and demeaned to be lower then women.  Are men ok with this?  They seem to be because I don't see a men's rights movement coming in the future.  They are deadly silenced by the mighty woman.

What will it take to bring the respect back to men?  It will take women returning to ladies for men to return to gentlemen.  The power is still in the hand of the woman because men have proven to be weak by allowing women to rise to where they are now.  I'm not saying women should be beneath men - although these women seem to think it is ok for men to be there - but I'm saying they should be who God made them to be; man's help meet.

I have to be careful that in my own marriage and dealings with other men that I don't allow the degradation-mentality to infiltrate my thoughts and words.  It is difficult to grow up in a society that drills it into you in every aspect of your life from public schooling to music and movies.  I've had to eradicate a lot of junk that was fed into me that I didn't even realize the spirit behind it as a growing child and then a woman.  Putting God's Word into our minds and constantly renewing our minds through it is a big factor in this purging process.  However, not allowing certain messages through media to enter our thoughts is also important.  We are truly in the world but we are not to be of it.

The silent women that do follow God's Word and are the Biblical model of a woman, wife and mother need to arise and make their presence known if we are ever going to win back the minds of women.  So many older women are realizing they bought into the lie.  As they sit lonely, unmarried by choice and childless by choice, it is too late for them and there are no do-overs.  They are realizing that the corporate career is not so fulfilling as they once thought and won't be there holding their hand at death's door.  These are the women that are starting to voice their mistakes and warn the younger generation to not chase after careers by forsaking motherhood and the family.  It is time the world listens and it is time to start a new revolution, that of returning home.

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DeNiece Barnes said...

Well written Bev. It is so great to have like minded women in the faith. I enjoy being a wife, mother, and homemaker. Don't get me wrong it has it's good days and it's bad days but there is nothing else that I prefer to be doing because I know I am raising another generation of men and women to serve The Lord God. My eldest daughter will be graduating next year from our homeschool and wants to be a homemaker and she as well as my other daughters have been learning from me since infancy. My eldest son will be graduating from our homeschool this year and says he will work hard to provided for a family and wants to be a great example for my youngest son as well. So I thank God everyday for my job as helpmeet to my husband and mom to my children and doing just like God wanted me to do. Have a blessed weekend dear friend.

Bev said...

That is wonderful DeNiece, thanks for sharing! My daughter was in a group one time and they were asking, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She said a homemaker and everyone kind of laughed or snickered and said to pick something real or something like that. An adult had to tell the other kids it was OK for her to choose that. I was amazed because I've not told her she must do this or that, I've only showed her God's Word and that she chooses her path.

The Quaint Housewife said...

I really love your blog. You make me feel less alone in my traditional views. It's pathetic that people would laugh at a child for wanting to be a homemaker. As a little girl I did not have a pretend kitchen and tea parties for nothing! I think feminists have basically almost ruined it for all women!

Bev said...

Thanks Quaint Housewife for the comment and stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

im so glad you are back. I missed your no nonsense point of views. I love how you have the courage to truly say what is in your heart and what you believe is right.

I remember telling people when i was little that i wanted to be a wife and a mommy when i grew up. They said I had to pick a career and a real job that makes money. Their looks and comments made me shy away from admitting that anymore. Its sad how society can make children go against their natural instincts and beliefs just to conform to anothers viewpoints.

Bev said...

Thanks anonymous! :)

Happy Wife said...

Thank you for your strength and encouragement. I grew up with the worldly mindset of clawing my way to the top and having to be in charge of everything. Unintentionally I was taught that men are not reliable and are weak. Through accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior I gained such freedom from those false beliefs. Now As a young married woman when I tell people my profession is to be a wife ( mother if it's in His will) I am looked down on as if I sit around regretting my decision or haven't decided what I want to do yet. I thank my Lord Jesus for being the example of real manhood and strength and leading me to my husband who honors my innate nature to be his helpmeet. I'm so blessed to have this career/mission field!

Bev said...

So awesome, thank you for the comment Happy Wife! :)

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