Real Misinformation

God loves to confound the wise of this world as we are now seeing.  Those that cried 'stop the misinformation' are now being exposed as the very ones that peddled the real misinformation.  The SCIENCE is now showing what a farce the vaccines truly were, as study after study keeps pouring out across the globe just how ineffective they are.  Following the science has been a roller coaster of a ride that the public should have never had to be on.  Science has debunked science time and time again.  The only truth that is steady and never changing is the Word of God and yet the world won't relish in its pages!

People's lives have literally been lost according to the facts in the VAERS system shows, people have been disabled and maimed and healthy, young people are dropping dead leaving doctors and experts in bewilderment. 

What's Been Happening & Cooking

We got our first dog ever as a family, a beautiful Alaskan Husky, the only dog I've ever liked, but it didn't last long:

I got burning eyes from the first time she came in the room and it never stopped.

New Dining Room Light Fixture

The dining room light fixture that was here when we bought the house was definitely one I'd never seen before.  The bulbs burned so hot and they gave off some heat.  They recently started burning out a LOT!  So much so, we knew something was wrong with either the fixture or the bulbs.  The bulbs were also hard to find and expensive I think my husband said.

I finally decided it was time to replace the fixture since now one light wouldn't even work even with a new bulb in it.  I found the perfect replacement!  I love it!  It's lightweight, the bulbs are easy to find and they are LED and don't give off heat.  We are going to probably install a dimmer switch this week because it is pretty bright and not something I want to turn on if I ever find myself at the table in the late night.  

2022 is the Year of Repentance - Podcast

In this podcast, I share with you what I felt the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to share for the theme of this year.

Late Fall Hiking & My Daughter's Moon Pics

I love how the weather here can be freezing cold literally one day and then another day 65. I keep a watch on the weather and when we get those days above 40, we're off for another hike! Breathing in the fresh air and moving our bodies is not only an exercise, it can be a spiritual experience as well. Jesus and Moses went hiking, as well as many others as we can see in the Bible of how they communed with God on those mountains! (Ex. 24:12; Matt. 17:1) I highly recommend it to keep in shape and if you have the experiences that I do, you will also find a special time with the Lord.

Open Rebellion or Playing Opposities

In today's modern Christian church, many are told they can just ignore the Bible because nobody's perfect. These false teachers and preachers are never short of those that are seeking such lies. We can look back on the Jewish people and see how it wasn't just that they couldn't keep the law in perfection, it was more so that they WALKED CONTRARY to what God said to do! They literally forsook God's law and openly rebelled against it. Such is happening today in the Christian church. We can look around everywhere and see those that claim Christ walking contrary to what the Bible told us to do. They aren't striving to obey God's Word, they willfully REBEL against it by doing the exact opposite!
Let me give some concrete examples.

Current Prices for Food in Ohio

I've saved my receipts and decided to post current prices in my area at my Aldi and Kroger.  These are from October 1st - November 9th.  It should be noted that I buy only grass-fed organic red meat, organic milk, soymilk, tortilla chips and some organic produce and other foods.  I haven't made a price book in a long time, so I decided to start keeping track.  Since I was doing a stock-up of sorts, I thought was now a good time and would be beneficial to a lot to compare in your area.  Several things have risen 20 cents each or more as I'm comparing 4 weeks receipts, so I'm putting the current higher price.  It is so tiny that you may not notice it if you didn't pay attention to the actual price.  Also, some items have shrunk in size and amount you get for the same price!  Sneaky sneaky  😋  I may try and do this every month because, not only do I want a list to compare to, but I think it would help others.

1 Pound of Meat Feeds a Family of 4

Whether it be ground beef, chicken breast, ground turkey or kielbasa, you can easily feed your family of 4 with 1 pound of meat!  I've been doing this for years and didn't realize that others didn't understand the concept of meat being part of the meal, not THE meal.  Americans seem to think that meat is what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Instead of only having it a few times a week, they have it 3 times a day every single day.  I think that is where Americans are going to have to change, not only for the wallet, but also for health.

Most of the meals I make use just 1 pound of meat and it not only feeds us all (3 adults and one hungry 8 yr old boy) but we sometimes have leftovers.  Everyone is super healthy except the runt of the family - ME - 😄.  However my health issues have nothing at all to do with diet thankfully, they are birth defects, heart infection from a virus and brain damage from a car accident.  So I suppose it is even of greater importance that I do cook mostly healthy so I won't have any additional issues with my health!

Prayer Can Change God's Mind - Podcast

Prayer is powerful and can even change the mind of God!  You may be only one, but you are one and your prayers are powerful.  Don't let Satan make you think there is no use and your prayers don't help!  Pray anyway and believe, have faith and let your petitions be known unto God.  Don't accept what you can pray against.  Stand in the gap and pray for others, our President and our country - that God will spare us all so that others may be reached for Christ.  

Out With the Old...

In with the new!  I've been replacing a lot the past year seems like because a lot of things are definitely due for a replacement.  My former living room rug doesn't look too bad in photos but in person it was wore down to nothing almost and really impossible to clean because there was no height to it.  I bought the rug when we moved here 5 years ago for $28 at Walmart, so I think I got my money's worth out of it!  To replace it, I wanted something that was black and white and modern looking and better quality and thankfully found a very nice Safavieh Dallas shag rug that is so soft and vacuums well for $74.