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Current Prices for Food in Ohio

I've saved my receipts and decided to post current prices in my area at my Aldi and Kroger.  These are from October 1st - November 9th.  It should be noted that I buy only grass-fed organic red meat, organic milk, soymilk, tortilla chips and some organic produce and other foods.  I haven't made a price book in a long time, so I decided to start keeping track.  Since I was doing a stock-up of sorts, I thought was now a good time and would be beneficial to a lot to compare in your area.  Several things have risen 20 cents each or more as I'm comparing 4 weeks receipts, so I'm putting the current higher price.  It is so tiny that you may not notice it if you didn't pay attention to the actual price.  Also, some items have shrunk in size and amount you get for the same price!  Sneaky sneaky  😋  I may try and do this every month because, not only do I want a list to compare to, but I think it would help others. Aldi Prices Refrigerated Items: Organic Whole or 2% Milk Om

1 Pound of Meat Feeds a Family of 4

Whether it be ground beef, chicken breast, ground turkey or kielbasa, you can easily feed your family of 4 with 1 pound of meat!  I've been doing this for years and didn't realize that others didn't understand the concept of meat being part of the meal, not THE meal.  Americans seem to think that meat is what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Instead of only having it a few times a week, they have it 3 times a day every single day.  I think that is where Americans are going to have to change, not only for the wallet, but also for health. Most of the meals I make use just 1 pound of meat and it not only feeds us all (3 adults and one hungry 8 yr old boy) but we sometimes have leftovers.  Everyone is super healthy except the runt of the family - ME - 😄.  However my health issues have nothing at all to do with diet thankfully, they are birth defects, heart infection from a virus and brain damage from a car accident.  So I suppose it is even of greater importance that I

Prayer Can Change God's Mind - Podcast

Prayer is powerful and can even change the mind of God!  You may be only one, but you are one and your prayers are powerful.  Don't let Satan make you think there is no use and your prayers don't help!  Pray anyway and believe, have faith and let your petitions be known unto God.  Don't accept what you can pray against.  Stand in the gap and pray for others, our President and our country - that God will spare us all so that others may be reached for Christ.  

Out With the Old...

In with the new!  I've been replacing a lot the past year seems like because a lot of things are definitely due for a replacement.  My former living room rug doesn't look too bad in photos but in person it was wore down to nothing almost and really impossible to clean because there was no height to it.  I bought the rug when we moved here 5 years ago for $28 at Walmart, so I think I got my money's worth out of it!  To replace it, I wanted something that was black and white and modern looking and better quality and thankfully found a very nice Safavieh Dallas shag rug that is so soft and vacuums well for $74. I also have this Safavieh Dallas shag rug in my bedroom in a different color. I don't think I shared that with you all on this blog yet.  I got a rug finally for my bedroom earlier this year for my birthday and I absolutely love it still!  It looks better now than this photo when we first unrolled it.  It vacuums and fluffs so nicely. If you do get one of these Saf

My Baby is an Adult, Recipes and Other News

My daughter turned 18 and I'm still having a hard time with that lol.  My baby is an adult!  What a wonderful woman of God she has become and that is my greatest joy.  I found this awesome birthday kit that came with everything to decorate for cheap and she loved it!  I, of course, crowned her an adult! She asked for her favorite meal, Chicken Divan , so I made that on her birthday: In other news, you may remember how I organized all my paper recipes into a large binder in this post .  Well, that didn't work so well for too long and was a hassle to get the big thing out!  So, I broke them down into 3 smaller binders and that's working so much better. I made a batch of our favorite granola (oats, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, pecans, hemp seeds, maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla).  I like mine in soy yogurt and my son loves it in milk as a cereal, it's also just good by itself as a quick snack! One of my favorite lunches is Naan bread warmed

What's Been Cooking

I made banana walnut cake with a 6 cup Bundt pan in my Instant Pot and it was so delicious!!  Definitely a keeper for us and I put a few semi-sweet chocolate chips in it as well. I'm still trying out recipes from my new cookbooks and needed a stand to hold open these books because the cheap one I had just wasn't able to hold the pages down.  I found this nice bamboo stand, it's very sturdy and holds well. I've been making oatmeal for a while now in our instant pot but a few months ago I tried  THIS recipe using steel cut oats and it has become our favorite.  I like to mix in banana, hemp seeds, flax meal and honey. I tried out making some egg bites for the first time and absolutely love them!  So easy to make too. I made the tuna noodle casserole but I used canned salmon instead and it was excellent! I made lemon ginger chicken thighs with coconut rice and veggies.  The coconut rice recipe was from the IP Bible cookbook and used a 7-inch round pan and it did not work -

Homekeepers Need to be Informed about the Stock Market!

We've had a 401K since we were 26 and didn't know really anything about it except that our money grew very well.  This past year we made an absolutely incredible amount and I didn't understand why my conscience always bothered me about the 401K.  I don't believe it is gambling, so why was I feeling so wrong? I started understanding more about it all and then realized these "mutual funds" we are invested in, are actually a basket of companies.  I wondered what kind of companies are we involved in?  That, to my horror, was when I realized why all these years I felt my conscience feel so sick towards our 401K.  We were invested in Fakebook (gag me already), Abortion, Pornography... you sick yet?  Even Caesar's Entertainment!  OH MY GOODNESS, forgive us God!  So, I'm thinking how ashamed I am and then I find out that some "Christians" say it's ok to do this and they enjoy the money made off all the evil.  SAY WHAT!? So, to check on the propos