What's Been Cooking

Not a lot of recipes to share this week because we were on a trip, but I do have a few things.  I made Sesame Honey Chicken over rice and it was a keeper for sure!

Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

For the past few years since moving to Ohio, so many people have told us we have to go see Hocking Hills State Park.  I even think a reader on here commented about it too.  Well, we finally went and it was breathtaking to say the least!  We hiked 7 hours over a couple of days and I am glad we were in shape and had built up for this because we got to do a lot of trails and see a lot of waterfalls.  I took about 300 pictures and videos, so I tried to choose my favorites to share with you all.

More Spring in Nature

We did 5 hikes this past week, 2 very long ones and Sunday after church, one I thought I was going to have to be airlifted out of LOL.  But hey, I persevered and made it and do I ever feel victorious!  I don't have any pictures of those steep climbs because well, I was just trying to stay alive.  In order to do some of the hikes I would like to in the future, we have to keep building endurance, ability and of course muscle.  You never know, God may call us to reach those mountain people in Guatemala and Chile and I want to be ready.

What's Been Cooking

Here are several meals that I made recently that all take just one pound (or less with the salmon and tuna) of meat to feed a family of 4, as do most of the meals I cook.  We usually add in a side and/or salad, breads (homemade biscuit, muffins or other bread) and dessert.

I made some of our favorite Salmon Cakes that I had forgotten about that we used to make a lot in Washington.  I also made an old recipe of tartar sauce that I found and I liked it better than the one I had been making.  We also had some roasted vegetables alongside them.  I don't know where this recipe for Salmon Cakes came from, and I can't find it anywhere online, so I'm sharing it, along with the tartar sauce recipe, in a PDF below.

Spring's Beauty and What's Been Cooking

We've had lots of rain, as it is April, and something I guess we have to endure in order to bring forth the beauty of spring in all its splendor and May flowers.  We've also had some absolutely perfect sunny days, which causes me to throw school to the side and embrace the day!

Feeling What God Feels - Podcast

In continuation from my last podcast, I talk about the heart and mind of God as shown to us in His Word.  Do we have the thoughts, feelings and mind of God as Jeremiah did against the wickedness that has overtaken God's people through false prophets?  Or are we falling for the error of those who speak lies?  It's time to examine what message we are allowing into our ears and if we are being molded to be more like God or less.  God is a God of restoration and we must pray for and love our enemies that they might get right and be saved before it's too late!

Family of 4 Living on $32,620 in the 2020's

I did a detailed budget plan to map out what we live on a year (not counting taxes) and we live on $32,620!  This amount includes all our expenses like mortgage/property-taxes/insurance, utilities, even our current car loan, subscriptions, food, gas, haircuts (for the males), medical/dental and even extras.  The $32,620 does not include the federal income taxes, SS tax, medicare tax or Ohio state and local taxes and doesn't include anything that would come up like emergencies.  It is just basic living without dire emergencies.  We also don't receive any government handouts or food stamps or anything like that.  We are just frugal in our daily expenses.  I'm not sharing our income because my husband asked me not to, but I wanted to do a post to show people how it is possible to live a nice life under $40,000 still in America without the government.  We use our extra income to save, spend on things we want and vacations and give away to those in need.  We of course pay tithe and offering to our church.

Blooms, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Food and Funnies

Spring has sprung!  Our Bradford Pear tree is in full bloom almost and the daffodils of course had already been but they're starting to say their goodbyes.

And of course you know we've been hiking!  We took a mini-vacation down south and did some hiking and horseback riding and yes, even I braved getting on a horse. 

Planning for Hard Times - The Basics

One thing we all can't live without for long is water.  I've had people say they are good, they have a well.  Some seem to forget their well or their access to it, may run on electricity.  So no, that isn't a sure thing.  Having water stored and then filters and a way to boil it, should be first priority.  There are barrels you can buy, jugs and other containers, that you can fill right now with enough water to last your family at least 2 weeks.

After water, next, would of course be food.  I've heard a lot of people say how they have no worries because they are ready and have their freezers stocked with meat.  What if the electric grid goes down?  Canning meat would probably be a good thing to, alongside your freezer stock.  But what concerns me is the amount of meat that most Americans consume every day, most eating meat at every single meal!  In times of famine cannibalism could be rampant if people can't get meat.  So, I'll just slide right in here that you should definitely have weapons to defend yourself and your family.

One of the things I've always advocated as of late is to know how to make meals without meat.  Is this because I'm vegan or anti-meat?  NO!  There may come a time when we can't buy meat or it may even be rationed, like in a war. 

It's Time To Do What You Are Supposed To Do - Podcast

Satan has so many beat down and wounded!  It is time to rise up and do what you are supposed to do!  Don't be deterred by the force that comes against you, push through and understand why there is resistance and just who is behind it.  Covet to prophesy - as God told us to do in His Word because others desperately need to hear it!  The time is now.  Time is running out for men that oppress and abuse the flock of God through their hijacking of God's authority.  Those that God has His hand on right now, must arise in order to salvage those that remain and for the future of the church.  It's time to do what you are supposed to do!

What's Been Happening

We broke a lot of plates and mugs over the past few years and I finally realized we need to buy a new set. We also needed to replace our plastic plates, bowls, cups, etc. too because honestly, I have no idea if they have BPA or not, and I think a lot are from when my daughter was little! Some were hand-me-downs or free. So, I got rid of almost everything and simplified with some nice porcelain dinnerware and mugs and then a plastic set for cold food and acrylic cups for drinking cold drinks or water. I had the cups in another cabinet by the sink but I decided to try and fit everything together in one cabinet by the stove and it worked great!

Current Food Prices in Ohio #2

I saved my receipts from November 23rd to March 5th to track the rising costs of food at my local Aldi and Kroger, and I've added in Walmart.  I blogged about my Oct-Nov prices already but this is the next update covering the next 3 months.  I've highlighted in yellow the price increases and in green those that decreased in price.  Not a lot of price increases for us yet.  However, the problem for us lately is finding what we need, as there has been a lot out of stock and then we have to buy higher-priced items at Kroger.  Also, some items I haven't bought since the last price list, so I don't know what their current price is.

Fear Not - Podcast

From the pandemic, to a possible WW3 on the horizon, many are fearful.  The Christian should not be fearful.  We must, more than ever, display the peace that comes with knowing Christ and not being in bondage to the fear of death.  Fear Not!  We must tune out the false teaching that is rampant and turn aside from the error and get closer to the truth - every word of the Word of God in the Bible!

Celebrating 15 Years of Christian Homekeeping!

In 2007, I felt led to start a blog for women.  Even I, had a lack of older women that wanted to mentor me and teach good things.  Most were teaching anti-children rhetoric and definitely not displaying what it meant to love your husband and or even how to properly be a keeper at home.  There I was, 27 years old, definitely not what the world considers an "aged woman" but I was reminded how in the time Paul wrote Titus 2, that women didn't live as long as they did today and "aged" very well could have been what we would consider very young today.  However, it couldn't mean just because a woman is old in number, because that doesn't account for spiritual age or maturity.  How could a 60 year old woman who just became a Christian, be qualified to teach the younger, when she herself has no instruction?  She needs to be taught by "aged" or older women in the Lord, hence those spiritually mature; and they very well may be way younger than her in physical age.  I also didn't consider myself to be at the height of spiritual maturity but I did know how to love my child(ren), my husband and keep the home and it was obviously needed for others to have this mentor.  And I felt that's what I was called to do and looking back, I definitely see that affirmed.

The world isn't so kind to the woman that adheres to the New Testament covenant, and quite frankly, the Church-world isn't either!  We live in an age of Biblical error, or in modern terms, Biblical misinformation.  I hate error.  I grew up in Biblical error and came out of it and then to see it happen slowly in the churches I was in over the years, disturbed me incredibly.  When it comes to what God has set forth in His Word pertaining to women and our life and behavior, it is even more disturbing to see how it is greatly disdained today.  It isn't popular in the blog world to stand by the Word of God.  You will be called a Pharisee for simply obeying God's Word, by women who do the exact opposite of what God directed.

I grew through this blog.  I suffered from this blog.  I was criticized by those around me from this blog.  I stopped a few times.  I cowered and whimpered in the corner a few times.  All in all, it worked in me, a better me.

God used this blog to set people free.  God used this blog to fight against the anti-children rhetoric.  God used this blog to help people I knew have children.  God used this blog to help Christian women see error.  I can't deny God used this blog.  Even if no one ever told me these things, I still knew I was following the Spirit's leading.

So, I celebrate the 15 years of this blog and all the glory be to God with what He has done with it, will do with it and how He will grow us ALL!  May the women of the world learn to recognize Biblical error, and start following God's true way for women - the only one that will bring you true satisfaction.  Thank you to those readers that have stuck with me from the beginning, those that just joined and all those in between.  My hope is always to inspire, encourage and challenge your thinking and to direct you to God's true Word and away from the error that is so prevalent today.

Real Misinformation

God loves to confound the wise of this world as we are now seeing.  Those that cried 'stop the misinformation' are now being exposed as the very ones that peddled the real misinformation.  The SCIENCE is now showing what a farce the vaccines truly were, as study after study keeps pouring out across the globe just how ineffective they are.  Following the science has been a roller coaster of a ride that the public should have never had to be on.  Science has debunked science time and time again.  The only truth that is steady and never changing is the Word of God and yet the world won't relish in its pages!

People's lives have literally been lost according to the facts in the VAERS system shows, people have been disabled and maimed and healthy, young people are dropping dead leaving doctors and experts in bewilderment. 

What's Been Happening & Cooking

We got our first dog ever as a family, a beautiful Alaskan Husky, the only dog I've ever liked, but it didn't last long:

I got burning eyes from the first time she came in the room and it never stopped.

New Dining Room Light Fixture

The dining room light fixture that was here when we bought the house was definitely one I'd never seen before.  The bulbs burned so hot and they gave off some heat.  They recently started burning out a LOT!  So much so, we knew something was wrong with either the fixture or the bulbs.  The bulbs were also hard to find and expensive I think my husband said.

I finally decided it was time to replace the fixture since now one light wouldn't even work even with a new bulb in it.  I found the perfect replacement!  I love it!  It's lightweight, the bulbs are easy to find and they are LED and don't give off heat.  We are going to probably install a dimmer switch this week because it is pretty bright and not something I want to turn on if I ever find myself at the table in the late night.  

2022 is the Year of Repentance - Podcast

In this podcast, I share with you what I felt the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to share for the theme of this year.

Late Fall Hiking & My Daughter's Moon Pics

I love how the weather here can be freezing cold literally one day and then another day 65. I keep a watch on the weather and when we get those days above 40, we're off for another hike! Breathing in the fresh air and moving our bodies is not only an exercise, it can be a spiritual experience as well. Jesus and Moses went hiking, as well as many others as we can see in the Bible of how they communed with God on those mountains! (Ex. 24:12; Matt. 17:1) I highly recommend it to keep in shape and if you have the experiences that I do, you will also find a special time with the Lord.

Open Rebellion or Playing Opposities

In today's modern Christian church, many are told they can just ignore the Bible because nobody's perfect. These false teachers and preachers are never short of those that are seeking such lies. We can look back on the Jewish people and see how it wasn't just that they couldn't keep the law in perfection, it was more so that they WALKED CONTRARY to what God said to do! They literally forsook God's law and openly rebelled against it. Such is happening today in the Christian church. We can look around everywhere and see those that claim Christ walking contrary to what the Bible told us to do. They aren't striving to obey God's Word, they willfully REBEL against it by doing the exact opposite!
Let me give some concrete examples.