Our Beliefs in a Nutshell

The Basics
- Trinitarian - God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit
- Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, not works
- Holy Spirit baptism is subsequent to the new birth and evidenced by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance
- Water baptism is to show an outward reflection of an inward work
- We must live holy lives and continue in the faith
- Our good works show others our walk with God (fruit tells you what kind of tree), not that works make us saved

The Family Unit
- Women's role is to be a keeper at home
- Husband is the leader or head of the home
- Marriage is for 2 to become one in a perfect union and for procreation to raise up children in the Lord (they are HIS reward)
- Keep our children unspotted from the world by training them up in the way they should go - we homeschool to instill these Godly values
- Abortion or devices that mimic it are murder in the sight of the Lord

- A tenth of ALL our increase goes to God; which has ordained the church to handle as it sees fit for the furtherance of the gospel
- We must be good stewards of all that God gives us - from money to taking care of this earth through recycling, living frugal and not wasting
- Not having a love of money or mindset to get rich but rather being thankful for what we have; contentment
- Trusting in God to supply ALL our needs, he will never fail, no matter the circumstance!

Modesty & Appearance
- CLEAR distinction of the sexes and attire of each: dresses for women and pants for men
- Long Hair is a woman's glory and her covering and sign of submission to her head and for the angels
- Attire must be modest: loose fitting, not revealing or showing of the thighs, etc.
- Showing shamefacedness and being chaste with an unpainted face or other adornments
- Not having masculine behavior as a woman but feminine and men are not to be effiminate but rather masculine - again CLEAR distinction of the sexes which God intended

- Not involving oneself in the entertainments of this world that have the appearance of evil; keep oneself unspotted from this world and its enticements
- Definitely not a part of worldly establishments such as bars, clubs and such like that are dens of sin and all manner of evil
- Loving the world and its fashions and mentality is strictly forbidden in the Bible - we must be separate and "come out from among them"

There is more but this would get pretty long if I included them all - so basically we believe the FULL gospel!  This is also posted on my sidebar.