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There has been one word that has gone with me through life from childhood and that still has a special meaning to me even now and it is DETERMINATION! Growing up it was a word that drove me to reach higher heights in my studies in school and to make something of myself. I was determined to make good grades and determined to get my diploma after I had some setbacks. It got me that diploma and it helped me reach many goals over the years. My dad had always remembered the word also. He preached a few times about determination and when I went to leave for basic training in the Air Force, he told me I would make it.......just keep my determination! It was also a word he used when I would call him throughout the years for encouragement. He would tell me.......remember your determination! I would say YES!!!! I have determination!! =) When I was sick in March, my dad encouraged me over the phone and told me that I could make it because I have determination. When they came to visit me j

Save Your Money

Why buy cleaners such as Fantastic, 409, Windex, etc?? When you can make your own cleaners and get it just as clean (if not cleaner, cheaper AND safer) than buying the store cleaners. There are so many different variations of cleaner recipes but you basically just need the following items: White vinegar Lemons Lemon Juice Lemon Oil (for real wood) Salt Baking Soda Borax Castile Soap (or some cheap dish soap) Tea Tree Oil Washing Soda Toothpaste Basic soap White vinegar and baking soda are the top items you will need to clean with. White vinegar cuts through soap scum and dirt. It is a natural deodorizer also, so while you are cleaning you are making it smell good too! ; ) You can take equal parts of vinegar and water and combine them in a spray bottle for a great everyday cleaner. Spray the counters with it and wipe surfaces. Baking soda is also a deodorizer and a great tool for jobs that need some scouring. It is a mild abrasive, so it will clean but it won't be t