Marriage ABC's

Adaptability - Cultivate a taste for each other’s interests.

Belief - Trust one another.

Children - Be of one mind on the subject.

Devotion - Don’t be sparing with love.

Entertainment - Keep each other amused and interested.

Finesse - Handle each other with tact.

Generosity - Don’t be stingy with love or money or praise.

Health - Keep it as well as you can and don’t talk about your symptoms.

Interests - Enter into everything the other does.

Jokes - Laugh at ‘em.

Kindness - Never fail to show each other tenderness and sympathy.

Love - Never let your supply run low.

Money - Agree before marriage about the division of the family income.

Need - Of each other. Make yourself a necessity to your mate.

Observation - Notice when the wife has a new gown or the husband looks particularly spick and span.

Politeness - Treat each other as courteously as you would strangers.

Quiet - Keep a peaceful home.

Respect - Show deference to each other’s opinions and intelligence.

Sportsmanship - Take marriage on the chin and come up smiling.

Tenderness - Be all heart to your husband or wife.

Understanding - Enter into the thoughts and feelings of your mate.

Virtue - No philandering on the side.

Willingness - Both husband and wife be willing to help each other pull their weight back in the boat.

Xtra attention - Especially when one is downhearted or sick.

Yes - Flattery is the oil that lubricates the domestic machine.

Zero - Your marriage will never be zero if you follow these rules.

*From the Cameron Collegian, May 16, 1945, p. 2