Thursday, August 23, 2007

Learning Through the Heat of Our Battles

Have you ever been in the "heat" of the battle and everything in you just wants to RUN? It would be so easy to just "run" away from it all, from all your problems and the battle. But that isn't winning the battle! God didn't make us soldiers for nothing, we have to fight and be brave against ALL EVIL!

Thank God we can learn something through our trials, experiences and the "heat" of our battles. I've learned so much through experiences and hard times in my life. I used to think it wasn't fair and the "why me?" but I got over that years ago once I saw how it actually was turned to my benefit that I went through such things. It has molded me and made me who I am today. It has helped me mature and see through the fallacies of others. All the things I saw in my experiences have turned into some of the most useful tools in my Christian life.
So no matter how hot the "heat" of your battle is.....God can cool it down and you can learn from it when its all said and done. Isn't it funny how when our HUGE battle is over that it looks so small?

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Paula said...

I think through experience and age that we all get better about not running from our battles but instead facing them head on--sometimes it can be really uncomfortable but the conscious knows better, if that makes sense. And I agree that once you get past the difficult part there are many larger problems in life and in the world.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Very true! Thanks Paula for your comment! =)

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