It's Called Parenting!

A lady that was in the same store as me and my daughter had been listening to my 3yr old daughter sing Jesus Loves Me, sing her ABC's and talk to others around us while we shopped. Come to find out she was a Kindergarten teacher and she was amazed my daughter knew her ABC's among many other things she could sing several songs, quote the fruits of the spirit, tell Bible stories and tell someone about Jesus. She thought this was some extraordinary child and gifted and told me she will go far.

It was might be saying "Why would that be sad?" Well, it is sad because all it is, is simply PARENTING!!!! Spending time with your child, teaching them the Bible and things they need to learn. Constantly talking with them and letting them help in the house, etc. However in today's society it is not so popular to really raise your children. Send them to daycare.....send them off to preschool to let someone else teach them what you YOURSELF could teach them in those young and moldable years.

Why is the average mother not doing her role? Why have a child in the first place if you were not going to raise them yourself? It mind boggles me all the time when I hear comments about my daughter being gifted.......when in reality, she is a normal 3yr old who has her parents loving her and teaching her and constantly praising her. Children NEED praise. Children NEED enthusiasm. One thing I always want my daughter to have is enthusiasm. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. They have interest in life......and others simply by enthusiasm.

Instill in your daughters (by your example).....the role in which they were made for. Show them the value of what God has made them to be. Don't let the world and all its ideals, be the motivating factor in your daughter's life! Train them at home........teach them what the Bible says! Guard your children from outward influences which would be harmful......get rid of your TV!

I went home to visit my family and just being there for 12 days.......I saw enough on TV to reaffirm me not having one, going on 9 years now. I thought to myself "well it is a cartoon channel, so what could be so bad, right?" Then I saw the commercials and some of the cartoons had horrid things in them! How could this be?? Do parents leave their children to sit and watch this day in and out? WHO IS MOLDING YOUR CHILD'S BRAIN?????? Hollywood?? Is everything you put in front of your child what you want them to learn and mimic? If not, then THROW it out! ; )

We occasionally let my daughter watch a cartoon that we have screened on our computer, most are Bible DVDs and learning tools. My daughter mostly does puzzles, plays instructional computer games (yes she can use a computer very well), and loves learning and playing. Children's minds are impressionable and we must filter what is put before them, things we can control.

God has given you children and entrusts them to your care. Don't disappoint him.......train them up in the way they should go!! It's YOUR job, not anyone else's.........

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.