Our Words; Introduction

This is the start of an interactive Bible study. The information provided is free to print but should not be taken over as ownership or changed. It is provided by a group who wishes to help others and edify the body of believers, and is free to distrubute.

That which comes out of the mouth is an expression of what is really in the heart. In Matthew 12:34 the Lord Jesus clearly stated that it is not really a MOUTH PROBLEM, but it is a HEART PROBLEM:
for out of the abundance of the _____________ the _____________ speaketh.

See also Matthew 12:35.
Words are like FRUIT ("the fruit of our lips"). If the fruit is bad, something must be wrong with the root (MAN’S HEART). Remember, when wrong or filthy words flow out of a person's mouth, he is showing everyone a picture of his heart. The words that a person speaks reveal much about the state of that person’s heart.
The book of James has a great deal to say about the tongue and especially how important it is to "bridle" that little member (James 1:26; 3:1-12). A bridle is used to control a horse and hold him back and keep him in check. A man’s tongue is like a wild horse that must be controlled and held in check and restrained. We must not let it run loose! God is the One who can help us control the tongue as we trust Him and seek to please Him in all that we say.
Like James, the book of Proverbs is a very practical book and has much to say about the use and abuse of the tongue. The first thing we want to do is to look at some of the wrong and sinful ways that words are used.

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