Keep it Real!


  • not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory : GENUINE
  • b (1) : occurring or existing in actuality

What we have is real, it is not something made up, it is not something artificial or an illusion. IT IS GENUINE! It is an actual thing.

You know when the word of God is preached at our churches the Holy Spirit confirms it so. Right is right and wrong is still wrong. Holiness is still right! Sin is still wrong!

God made it plain in his word that it is real. He has made it plain to us but sometimes we have a "pepsi with the devil" and he will confuse and cloud our minds. If we continue to let him do that and keep sipping with him, pretty soon our mind will be so clouded we can't think right. Then you start to hear the word of God preached and God once again clears our minds and we see correctly again.

One of the tactics of the enemy is confusion. I've experienced it personally. So how did I overcome the confusion? Well I realized.......what I had was real, God is real and even the enemy, satan is real and he wants to destroy me. He doesn't want me to be strong in God. He wants me to be movable, double minded, unstable.......swayed to and fro and left to right, up and down. Well I have news for him..........He ain't got me! With the Lord's help and grace I will continue on fighting and trying and working towards being grounded in God.

God isn't the author of confusion, so it is satan who confuses. If he can get your mind all confused and clouded to where you can't even pray then he has got a foothold on you. But thanks be unto God we can cry out and ask God to help us and God will clear our minds. Then we can see clearly.

Sisters, we know it is real. We have experienced God and isn't it great to have a church that preaches the truth? That doesn't back down? That doesn't compromise? Do we even thank God enough that there is a church that will not cower to the enemy? I thank God for the church of the living God and all it stands for. May we ever stay real and as a church pure and holy.

As the saying goes "Keep it Real!"