Your Representation

Let's walk into a bank. You walk in and notice that the people are dressed nicely, they greet you and say hello and are courteous to you. There is an order of business here, they process transactions and handle money in a way they were taught that it is to be done. They learned what they had to learn because it was their job and if they didn't do it, they would no longer work there.

The bank owner wants to present to his customers; customer service. This includes being treated nicely as you do business in his bank. He will not allow his employees to dress sloppy, why? They are representatives of his bank. They are examples and reflect on the bank itself. If they don't and he finds out about it, they will be removed from their position.

Do you see something in all this that corresponds in a spiritual nature?

We are representatives of someone far greater, Jesus Christ. We are ambassadors of Christ! We should present to the world Christ and all that he is. We go by his book, and if we don't he will not accept us. He gave us the Bible as our guidebook; an instruction manual of life.

What kind of ambassador are you? Are you promoting Christ in a good way? Do your words, actions and LIFE portray the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Or do others see you acting like the world and dressing like them? Do they see you laughing at dirty jokes? Do they see you let another curse word "slip"?

Who are you representing? Is it Christ? Or is it satan? Others are watching.........You are shining for your Master, whoever that may be. Or as I heard some kids saying're "reprezentin" LOL

What does the word represent mean?

Here are some definitions:

to bring clearly before the mind; serve as a sign or symbol of; to portray; depict; to form an image of in the mind

Are you really serving as a sign or symbol of Jesus Christ? Do you form that image in the mind of others of what Jesus is? Being a Christian is simply being Christ-like. We need to be the best representatives we can be for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.