Friday, March 21, 2008

Ambassadors of Christ

Ok, I've had this idea for so long but finally realized today it would be a help. I read Sharon's post today and most of you know I wear "dresses only" and have since 1999. But I just don't want to talk about that. I will share sometimes in the future the "why" I dress like a woman but for now, some things came to my mind about how we look.

Several people, some I know and some I don't know.......comment on my clothing. People have asked me where I find my clothes, shoes, etc. I tell them most of the time ebay lol. But it really isn't what you wear but HOW you wear it and pull it together.

Me and my husband frequent a nearby grocery store after church a lot and never realized we were being "watched". One of the workers had been watching us and finally came up to us and said "Do you always look that good?" I thought he was joking.....he was addressing my husband. Once the conversation had continued, he shared how my husband always looking sharp had caused him to want to step up and look presentable lol. This was a young man, probably 18 or 19. He was really sincere and said we always look nice. He told my husband he wanted to be like him and asked for tips. WOW.....he had said he watched my husband everytime he came in there! My husband had no idea he was being watched.

So people are watching you! We are to be AMBASSADORS of Jesus Christ!!! Should this not cause us to want to look the best we can and cause others to see that with God you can go UP, not down! You don't have to look like something the cat drug in, and as Christians you shouldn't! When people look at you, they are seeing if what you have is something they want. If you look like a bag lady, are you telling others this is what they can look forward to as a Christian? COME ON!

We should stand out.....because we are separate from the world. You should stick out from crowds because you are so different. If you were an ambassador for some country, you can GUARANTEE you would look nice, so as ambassadors of Christ, should we not look so much THE MORE??

You can read more about that here in a post I did on "Your Representation".

Now for my idea.......hehe. Yep, I'm full of them, call it creativity or whatever you want. Once I get the Meal Planning posts done, I want to do a video on "How to Dress". I will show you how to pick clothes, suits......blouses and shoes and purses. It seems a lot of people never got training on how to dress and NO a pink blazer doesn't match a yellow skirt! And please don't be wearing white shoes in the winter lol. =0

So look for that "How to Dress" video show coming soon from my own closet! I went from being a frumpy grandma looking 20 year old to learning how to dress. Yep I was one of those women wearing a frumpy dress with tennis shoes in public EEK!!!! Most of you that know me locally could probably not imagine this but I was.......just ask my Pastor in Alaska haha. Thank the Lord, I realized how important it was to be presentable for Christ and I will share what I learned with you all........take or leave it but PLEASE consider your representation of Christ to the world!

Here is a good read on dresses only:

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~~Deby said...

This should be fun, me I am SO SO thankful for all the Thrift shops in OUR many I have found many wonderful things to make this transition to dresses a tad cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deby....thanks for the comment! I haven't been to a lot of thrift shops since moving to WA but I went to a lot in Alaska and got really nice blazers, blouses and skirts there and some new and not worn.

Sharon said...

This was a great post about representing Christ!

Thank you for the link. I'll go read it now. :)

Also, looking forward to your post on putting your wardrobe together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon! ; )

~~Deby said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Deby and you have a good one too! ;)

Tracy said...


Happy Resurrection Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracy! ;)

Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer! ;)

Dawn said...

I will have to read the artices you have links to later on when I have time. It's Monday so that means, laundry, cleaning, etc so my computer time is limited.

I 100% agree with you about being watched. I know because I am watched as well, even more so now that I wear a headcovering and plain dress.
It's rather humbling to me as I have to remember my testimony of Christ is exposed for all too see. They watch, they listen.
They watch when my husband and I pray over our food, they watch as we walk through the PX to cash a check.
We as Christian always need to leave a positive testimony whereever we go.
And... always smile!!! Smiling is contagious!!!! :-)


P.S. I posted Easter pix on my blog if you are interested. :-)

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Looking so forward to your future posts on this subject.

Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lea! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn!

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