Meal Planning 101; Step #4

You prayed, have a stocked pantry and also did your pantry/fridge/freezer inventories and you know what you have in your house!  It's on paper!  So the next step is to start the actual meal planning.  You will:

Make a calendar for your meals

You can print out monthly calendars online for free but why waste printer ink when doing it with an ink pen is much cheaper! :)  I take paper and simply do a calendar that contains the 2nd Tuesday of the month till the next 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Usually it is about 30 days or around there. 

This will give you a layout (which you will in later steps put meals) and it will also help you know how many meals you need for the month.

This step is just making the calendar.......I told you all I was taking this very slow so everyone understands how I do this.