Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Re-Decoration Story

I've been through more decor in the past 8 years than probably most of you have been through in your entire life!  I have always liked the modern look and that is what my Air Force dorm was decorated in.  My room back home even was always a bit on the 'crazy' side lol.  I had BRIGHT yellow walls and multi-colored accessories and I had designed it myself much to my mom's disliking.

Then when I got married, I figured I would have to decorate like my mom and sisters and so worked with what we had in our first apartment and I was a 'country bumpkin'!  Apples in my kitchen, etc.  Although it just wasn't me, I figured this was what I was 'supposed' to do.  Then I came to the place where I wasn't going to decorate my home with what other people's home looked like but rather something I liked myself!  So after being married for about 2 years, we redecorated in BLACK modern decor with leopard print thrown in.  I really liked it until......

I received comments and jokes about how "dark" it was and I was never sure if they were serious or just making fun of for no harm.  After I had my daughter, I had postpartum depression and figured it must be the dark furniture that everyone had joked about!!  So what did I do??

I went shabby chic!  LOL  I got a pink couch, all pastel colors throughout my house and lots of roses.  My husband actually didn't mind and liked it.

Then we moved and came to a new location, to get made fun of again for our decor!!!  Some said it looked like a little girl's room and others even mocked and said "they would never put their husband in a house filled with pink and roses".  I was sad because I had come to this new place and met with so much disdain on what others THOUGHT of my decor!

I let them get to me and put my shabby chic decor away and chose a brown slipcover and "acceptable" style that surely no one would laugh at. 

Then I had a talk with my new Pastor's wife. I told her how I wasn't sure how I should decorate and how others here in this new town I just moved to where making fun of my decor so I took it all down.  To sum up what she told me:  You shouldn't let OTHERS determine what YOUR home looks like!  I had let what others thought of my decor determine my decor!  It was too late though because I had already took the decor down and spent money on another.  But I learned a valuable lesson from my Pastor's wife and one that I practice today!  She is truly a wise woman!!

So fast forward....we finally had the means of getting new furniture and choosing our OWN style that we have always loved....MOD!  We like black and lots of it, with splashes of bold reds and black/white patterns thrown in the mix.  We didn't have much money but we bought what we could on the little budget that I had!  It isn't my "dream" furniture because I don't have $20,000 to spend on decorating lol....but I love it nevertheless and we only spent roughly $1800, and that furnished the living room and dining room!

Someone had asked for me to share pictures of our decor and that is what brought on this post and then I will also be posting the photos of what we have done so far!  Now, I still like a few other decor styles but haven't tried those yet...maybe one day but I will only redecorate because its what I want! ; )

If you are so concerned about what OTHERS think of you, then you need a reality check!  Listen to my podcast on "What God Thinks" and make sure your mind is in proper prospective! 

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Jackie said...

Oh, I love shabby chic! I have LOTS of flowers, pink, bunnies, and birds in my house (including two real parakeets). I like it, and my hubby lets me decorate pretty much however I want. I've had people comment on how feminine it is, and say their husbands wouldn't let them decorate so feminine, but mine likes it. I can't believe people were laughing, and I'm so glad you chose to decorate in the manner that you like best! I enjoy making my house (or apartment) a pleasant, comfortable place to live. And congratulations on your bouncing baby that's (hopefully) on the way!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you Jackie for your comment! :)

I do like the shabby decor too and I actually still have some items in storage, I figured I would either sell them or keep them for my daughter one day or maybe in the future if we buy a house, I can have a "shabby chic" room! hehe


Toni said...

I read the post about your new table and cener piece.I really like it and think it looks very nice in your home. I`ve recently started getting into prim country and folk art decor so we`ve slowly been geting some things to go with the theme. You are right though. You definatly can`t let other people decide how you should decorate your home.The only thing that matters is what God thinks!!As long as we are giving and living within our financial means:)
Hope your having a blessed Lord`s day!!Love and blessings,Toni

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Toni! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't comment much but had to on this topic. =) I am so glad you decided to decorate your home how you like it and are doing what you want. I can't believe that folks would comment on your decor... if you like it and are satisfied with leopard and red accents more power to ya! You have to live in YOUR home and not them! Besides it is nice to have a place to come home to that you can truly enjoy and relax in! I also love the shabby chic and more traditional furnishings not because someone told me it is expected of me but because I TRULY like it!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks so much Lil for taking time to comment! :)

That blog was lovely!! I will have to dig up some pics of what our place looked like with the shabby chic decor...we even had a PINK victorian sofa that I regret I got rid of! I could have used it in my daughter's room but I was stupid oh well.....can't go back and change things but I CAN not make those same mistakes from now on! ;) Thanks again.


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