Our Personal Convictions; Part 1

I'm supplying this information to back up with evidence what we believe about the issue. The intent is meant to show the "why" we believe what we do. We hold life sacred, in case you haven't noticed, this is a Christian website!

My husband and I have certain personal convictions that we don't force on anyone else but are things we got from the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us over the years. I'm not entirely sure where my church stands on these issues as I have never heard them addressed in a service but maybe they have been, I don't know? Either way, we practice these things and hold them to be true. With that said......I hope to make this as plain as possible so we don't have to go over this every time I mention these things on this blog and have people jump to conclusions and categorize us into their little box lol.

Issue #1 Birth Control

We are against Birth Control pills. I think they are a device of abortion. Medical Science has shown that they probably do not prevent a pregnancy but rather STOP one from continuing on by not allowing the already conceived embryo to implant on the uterine wall. (60% of women have silent abortions with the pill in a given month! - how many babies do you think you have killed? Will you find out when you stand before God and tell him you didn't know those pills killed those children!?) I've done my research and even without the research......I have no doubts that God guided us against these. This also includes other forms such as IUD's, etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE! It's lack of knowledge that is the enemy here.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine confirms that the pill causes abortions:

Here is a free pdf of the book "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortion" and shows the medical science:

I highly recommend this one:

Another great one that lists several other sources at the end:

Don't believe me, listen to the doctors:

Not a big enough doctor for you? How about the Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University Medical Center?

I don't want to take the chance that I murdered an already conceived embryo. That is not an area I want to be near, rather I would be far away from it. Can you imagine standing before God seeing all your children that you killed? I can't bear the thought that I had the control over the situation and actually took the pill that killed them.

What about other types of birth control? Yes, we believe you should not have children if it isn't in God's timing. I believe you should seek God's direction for your life. If you are just having babies without using the wisdom of God and then making other people pay for it (welfare) then how can you say you are right before God? Why would God approve of you living off the government, i.e. other people's money? If it is OF GOD, then he will supply ALL your needs.

So what type of birth control do we believe in. You can find them listed here, scroll to the bottom for those. You may say, well I can't get pregnant because of this and this. For starters, we have been married for almost 9 years and have 1 child. HELLO! The other safe methods do work folks lol. ; ) If you have something wrong in your body and medically you shouldn't get pregnant, first off pray......God will guide his children. Then you might have to get sterilized(depending on the severity of the situation) or stop having intercourse for a time (only when both parties are in agreement according to the Bible). But you can't say birth control pills would prevent your pregnancy and it isn't a valid argument to use them.

What about a woman who is on a medication and can not get pregnant during that time? Well, do you know how many babies are born even while a woman is taking birth control? Some babies make it through the pills, so you still have a chance on the pill. The approved methods that I linked to above, if you combine several of those at once, you have a better chance of not conceiving and staying safe, then with the pill! I for a time was on medication and I was advised to not get pregnant and be on birth control. However, I did not go on birth control, I prayed and believed God and kept doing what we have been doing and all was ok!

WHEW! That's a lot to swallow huh? It's a lot for me to write it but I figured its no big secret and you may have personal convictions that me and my husband don't share but I still love you, so hope you return the favor!

BOTTOM LINE: Ask yourself this question and really think about it:

Would God approve of a pill that has a significant chance of killing an already conceived embryo/fetus?

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