Poll Results: Wasted Time

The poll question was: I waste too much time (check all that apply)

  3 (5%)
  43 (79%)
  17 (31%)
  9 (16%)
  3 (5%)
  1 (1%)
  11 (20%)
  8 (14%)
I don't waste time
  3 (5%)

What I wanted to show in doing this post, was the fact that we all waste time in one shape, form or the other.  Now, I see we all do except for the 3 people that checked that they don't -how come I just don't believe that?  I mean taking the poll was probably wasted time hehe.  =0  I mean, they never waste time?  If any of you 3 would like to leave a comment and please tell us how all your 24 hours each day is perfect and there is no time wasted, I would really like to know!

Notice how the top 3 are all technology!  Technology is wonderful but at the same time we can abuse it and let it eat up our time.  There are wonderful time-useful things to do online, watch on TV (discovery channel) and those that need a talk on the phone in their time of need.  However, there are also raw, mindless, time-wasting things as well.  For instance - I think video games are probably the MOST wasteful use of time LOL.  However, as I've learned fellow-shipping at several houses over the years - men seem to be hooked on gaming and even Pastor Davis said the one advantage of it is you get strong thumbs LOL!   I suppose they might view me doing a blog writing things to help others is a waste time over them saving a virtual city from destruction, but time-wasting is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. 

I just wanted to make the point, besides the 3 that don't - we all waste time sometime.  Find out what you really value and spend more time doing that and less doing those whose value is non-existent.

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