Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pushing our Kids to Grow Up too Fast

Not many people share my viewpoint as I have found but rather they are in a hurry to get their child through school quickly so they can graduate early. For what? So she can spend most of her childhood studying?

Recently, a child about my daughter's age got together with my daughter for some playtime. From what I understand, this child is in advanced learning (we are talking Kindergarten here folks!) and being "pushed" into the advancement by long school hours. So my daughter starts talking about Dora and My Little Pony toys only to get shot down by this "advanced" peer saying those are for babies and Hannah Montana is all the rage. I overheard (thank goodness!) and was quite appalled! Is this where higher learning has gotten that little girl? To shun toys for an immodest role model?? I will let my little girl play with her toys as long as she wants! Thank the Lord she knows when we go through Walmart, and she sees Hannah Montana, she proclaims - "That's not like Jesus, Mommy!"

Why the push? They are in Kindergarten people!!!! I used to play and nap in Kindergarten and do a few minutes of shapes and numbers, how about you? Now they want your child reading books in Kindergarten and writing words! WHAT!?!?

What sparked this topic today? Well I read a WONDERFUL post from Voddie Baucham's blog and here is a quote from his post:

"Our children need to be outside running and playing, not stressing over tests. Reading can wait. Our children need time to be kids. Four and five year-olds have plenty of time to become productive citizens. First, they need to play."

You can read the article he is referencing in the New York Times, entitled "Kindergarten Cram":

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Crissy said...

This is a topic I feel strongly about as well. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way. We pushed our dd to do everything early. Eventually it caught up with us academically in the 2nd and 3rd grade. Socially, my now 9 y/o thinks she's a teenager. :( That's when I came to appreciate letting your kids develop at their own pace. My 4-almost-5 year old still can't read. I'm not worried. He will learn. For now, he does puzzles and games, and has lots of fun. Once school starts it lasts 13 years. There's enough time for learning. When kids graduate from high school you can't tell the difference from the ones that went to preschool and those that didn't (imho). I have heard many parents question starting their kids to school too early when they are in jr high and are behind their peers. Good for you, letting your daughter be a kid! (I'll be getting off my soapbox now!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story Crissy! I'm not in a hurry to get Katie to read either, she will start learning her phonics in Kindergarten and then learn to read in 1st grade. She loves puzzles too, I try and let her do whatever it is she loves to do.

My parents let me enjoy my childhood and I remember still playing with Barbies at age 12 lol! I'm so glad that I had that playful childhood and could play outside a lot. Just wish they would have played with me lol. But that is another story!


Twocans said...

I feel very strongly about it as well, though I don't have children! We were raised to be kids and "enjoy" being kids, becoming a grown up comes soon enough! Being a kid is a tough thing nowadays, but it seems they lose their "innocence" so young...!

Anonymous said...

They do lose their innocence way too young and I want to try my best to prevent in Katie's life. Hopefully she will have fond memories of her childhood and enjoy being a kid while it lasts!

Thanks for the comment twocans! :)


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