Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Housewife

There was a housewife I once knew
Who had so much work that she wanted to do.
She had eight loads of laundry to wash and to dry,
Five beds to make and groceries to buy.
Library books three years overdue,
She thought, "Go to the library? No, let's go to the zoo."
"Hurray!" cried her children. But, alas, they stayed home.
The eight loads of laundry had all the clothes that they owned.
She had dishes from dinner the night before
And gum to scrape off the kitchen floor.
And just as she knelt to scrape up the gum,
She thought about popcorn and she wanted some.
So she got out the popper; it was full of rice.
And she thought to herself, "It would be nice
To get out the pictures of my wedding dress,"
But she couldn't find them because of the mess
In her living room where she kept a shelf
Full of books on how to improve herself.
So she picked out a book and she sat and she read.
And she thought to herself, "I'll take a nap instead."
So she stretched and she yawned and flopped into bed.
Then she remembered something her husband had said.
So she got out the iron and she looked for his shirt
Which had fallen into a pile of dirt
She had swept in a corner a few days before
And she had stopped because someone had knocked at the door.
Then she sighed, "Oh dear!" and she moaned, "Poor me!"
And she grabbed a sack of taco chips and turned on the TV.
And she watched all the game shows.
And she watched Love of Life.
And she dreamed of becoming the perfect wife!

~From Sidetracked Home Executives

Christian Homekeeping © All Rights Reserved.


Jackie said...

LOL, how awful!! I hope no one is really like that!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Actually, the lady who wrote it - wrote it about herself. She was a "sidetracked" housewife and a slob. Her and her sister wrote a book on how they changed from slobs to being organized and clean. They both had a lot of kids, and I personally know that even with one there are times when things get a bit crazy around here lol. =0

Thanks for the comment Jackie! ~Bev

eringene said...

Okay, I'll raise my hand and admit that this is me somedays! Only this week its playdough on the kitchen floor - the gum is on a bedroom floor!
This is such a funny poem - glad I can laugh at myself!
I've got to get their book (so I can take a nap while reading -hehe!)
Okay - now to get to work!
Thanks Bev! You are an encouragement!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I also saw myself in many of the things mentioned. I have those days I get sidetracked and in the past with being sick and on bed rest a lot - having all the laundry dirty was too often a problem. Thankfully it isn't that bad now that my health is better. Thanks for the comment eringene! :) ~Bev

Homequeen said...

Thank you Bev for posting these poems. I wanted to share quite a few of them with my daughters. They encourage us to take a long, hard look at ourselves...
Others here on this Blog are wonderfully inspirational and encouraging. Following a poll here not too long ago, I remember we mostly voted on your Blog as being extremely encouraging.
Please may I suggest you put a "Poems" tag in your tag cloud, to help us find them all in the one place.
Your Blog is "Pure Encouragement!"

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you so much Homequeen for the kind words! :) My goal is to encourage by sharing things that have encouraged me! That is a great idea about the poem tag, I will go ahead and find some and tag them, thanks!

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