Various Thoughts on Teaching our Children

Hubby and I were talking before church about how it 'used to be' different in public schools.  Coming from a small town in TN, we still had prayer over the intercom - prayer groups and Bible clubs.  Most of the teachers had a reverence for God and/or morals.  Today, those kind of men and women are far and in between. 

Church tonight was wonderful!  Pastor preached for a while and talked about how we can't go back on God!  Towards the end he started talking about when he grew up in school, how they PRAYED, you could talk about God and the teachers cared for the students and had morals!  Then he contrasted it with today - he talked of how they have taken the spirituality out of the schools and look what we have now and what kind of kids those schools are producing!  Not just tonight but last week's Bible study, Pastor had spoke on teaching our children about God at home. 

It is either, my mind is so much on school now that I'm noticing the increase in talk about teaching children or that God is urging His people to speak up about it!  Times have changed and people need to wake up and honestly ask God if what they are doing with their children is really what God wants and do they have scripture to support sending them to the God-hater/homosexual/liberals to be taught?

God can protect our children but at the same time we don't just throw them in the lion's den, do we?  I think once my daughter is well established in the Bible and we have taught her the precepts of God (like he commands) - she will make her choice one day but she won't be able to say that we didn't teach her about God and what the Bible says!!  My hands will be clean - I made that promise to God years ago and he opened my womb and gave her to me and that is why I'm so careful as to each aspect of her life.  I want to raise Godly seed for my Lord!  I may be raising the wife of a future leader of God!  Who knows what God will use her for.  I've prayed for her since before she was born - that she would get saved early in her life and do something great for God and that the Lord will give her a wonderful, honest, faithful, Godly husband one day.  I still pray that. 

The verse God gave me when he opened my womb is a verse, in which, he was speaking unto Abraham, but through the Holy Spirit, God spoke it to me as he reversed my sterile womb and gave me a child to raise up for Him:

Gen 18:19

"For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment"

God let me know he knew me that I would teach her right and I won't let God down!!  Oh, to be a tool in the Master's hand!  I couldn't ask for a greater calling but to raise children for the Lord!  I'm almost getting into my next post on Motherhood, so I better stop here lol.