My "Medicine" Cabinet

Not necessarily medicine but for classification purpose, I decided to go ahead and call it that because it is in a way - just not the traditional approach.  I will be updating this post and my sidebar as I stock up my cabinet.  I used to use so many herbal remedies and supplements years ago and now we are returning to a more alternative approach.

  • Astragalus - my #1 choice for improving my immune system; dosage: 1tsp daily
  • Echinacea - only taken 10 days at a time at the first sign of sickness; dosage: 1tsp 4x day when sick
  • Raw organic garlic - 1 clove a day for good health; 2 cloves a day when sick
  • Garlic oil - ear drops when have a cold or ear infection; dosage: 2x day when sick
  • Fish oil - from deep ocean waters not farm-raised fish!  Molecular distilled with no pcbs/dioxins and guaranteed purity and potency with no mercury; dosage: 1200mg daily
  • L-lysine - 1000mg daily when sick
  • Black Currant Oil - dosage: 500mg 2x daily for hair growth, skin and nails
  • Dr Weil supplements - currently taking his multivitamin daily
  • Cal-Mag supplement - taken at night for health and sleep
  • Pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C in powdered form) - 1/4tsp daily for health, more when sick
  • Pure Ascorbic Acid TOPICAL (Vitamin C in powdered form) - add a few drops of water with 1/4t powder and few pinches of baking soda and mix as a paste.  Apply topically to cold sores several times a day during an outbreak.
  • Melatonin - taken on nights I have trouble sleeping or need to reset my biological clock
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) - always cures my stomach ache or digestive issues!  dosage: 1tsp in 8oz water
  • Probiotics - combination of good bacteria that includes Lactobacillus GG; 5 billion per pill potency; dosage: 2x day when sick and DEFINITELY when on antibiotics!
  • Chamomile - used in tea for upset stomach or when I need to feel calm!
  • Peppermint - normally taken in tea for heartburn, stomach or digestive issues
  • Tea Tree Oil - any skin problems or fungal infections; I also use it in my all-purpose homemade cleaner