Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hair Update - April 2010

Last post I did on my hair was July 2009!  I finally got out the measuring tape today.  As you may recall, I have been growing out my old (2) perms.  Here are the current stats:  My hair is now 32.5 inches long at the longest point in the back.  I have 18 inches of new hair and 14 inches of perm left in some areas and less in others.  Its really tricky because I grew brand new hair around my face that wasn't there before the perm - it is all new and totals 22 inches!  Then I have different lengths all around my head - so go figure.

These stats mean I've lost 5.5 inches of old, processed, permed hair since July.  I knew it would break off, after all - perms are damaging to anyone's hair!  It was sad to watch my hair get shorter and shorter and even some asked me if I cut it - not sure why they thought evil of me and not good - but I haven't cut my hair since 1999 when I was 19.

I took some quick pics today in the bathroom mirror - yes those white spots are spots on my mirror lol.  As you can see I have different lengths all over because the perm doesn't really break off evenly.  You can see my new growth is sleek, shiny and healthy because I hardly ever use heat on it!  I still have to straighten out my permed part and I may do pics on what it looks like before straightening and how I do it to minimize damage. *Update: Here is a video of how I fix the permed portion of my hair.

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candy said...

I love your hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Candy - this was actually not combed and had been in a bun most of the day lol. I will try and do a pic when it is freshly fixed soon! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks soooo healthy for not being cut! Good genes?

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that not using a hairdryer, using non-drying shampoos and heat protectant on my ends helps it. I also pray on my hair, why not right? lol


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