Attention Hogs

I was listening to "Biblical Womanhood" audio today and a question was posed to women:

"To what aspect of my person am I drawing attention?"

This is a powerful question!  As humans, we all want attention.  We all may use some way to get it and some even go the extra mile to KEEP it on them.  Either by being loud and boisterous or dressing in ways so they can make sure the attention rests on them and no one else.  You know what I'm talking about ladies - the woman who, when she is in a room has to be the loudest and raises her voice to hopefully draw the attention of others in the room.  Then there is the woman that, even though claims to be a Christian, wears tight, revealing clothing because she wants to tell the world "Look at me!"  There is a name for those that want excessive attention and I won't say it here but rather call them "Attention Hogs".

We should constantly examine ourselves, our motives and intents of the heart.  In our behavior, we should ask ourselves "am I acting this way because I want to draw attention to myself?"  Am I disturbed that others are taking the attention off of myself?  Do I do outlandish things to bring the attention back on myself?

With dress, especially as women, we can get attention if we want to. Clingy, tight fabrics, plunging necklines and slits that go up to your thigh are usually worn by attention hogs.  Its the first thing you would notice about her and she is telling the world to look at her and check out a few things here and there lol.  Not only does she so desperately want attention from the opposite sex, but she is committing a few sins from lasciviousness to being a stumbling block before her brother in the Lord.  All for what!? Attention!

Some use excessive dramatic stories to keep attention on themselves.  They either expand on true stories by exaggerating them or make up stories to draw attention.  Some even go so far to degrade their husbands so they can receive sympathy or gossip about another to lift their own egos up.

Society is so needing of acceptance but yet, they turn to all the wrong sources for it.  Jesus accepts you as you are when you come to Him.  He not only changes you into a brand new creature he also reprograms your mind!  He is always there and will never leave you as long as you are in Him.  You no longer want all the glory and attention to go to yourself but rather to Jesus.  You aren't seeking acceptance in others because pleasing Jesus is your utmost goal.  It is when we get our eyes off of Jesus and on others - that we are led to be an attention hog.  We aren't offended when someone gets blessed or is praised, we rather rejoice with our brother and sister for the wonderful things God is doing for them!  You also don't delight when they go through bad times or fail!

What could cure the attention hog?  Humility.  It's that simple!  Pride is the root of the attention hog disease.  No one should ever stand in the way of a woman driven by attention hog-ism because she will cut down anything that comes between her and the spotlight!  Humbling oneself is the cure all to many ailments, including being an attention hog.  When we are humble, we don't like praise and don't need pats on the back.  Realizing we are nothing without Christ, we don't want the attention on ourselves but on Jesus.

Also, not seeking acceptance from others but rather from Jesus.   Who cares if the world doesn't "accept" you?  Do you find yourself compromising things to get acceptance from others?  When you only care about God accepting you and pleasing Him - you don't need anyone else's approval!

Keeping our homes, raising up Godly children, loving our husbands, having Godly behavior and dress are ways the Christian woman can bring attention to God!  Not from having a career, having someone else raise your kids, disrespecting your husband - as society so readily treats them as dogs - and not from being loud and showy in behavior and dress.  Can you see the contrast here?  Both 'get' attention - but one is seeking attention not for her own self but for Christ!

Bottomline - its all about motive. Do you do what you do for your own attention and glory OR to bring attention and glory to Christ?