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The World is Spinning Faster?

The message tonight was just what I needed.  I've been going, going and then going some more and just collapsed (almost literally) Friday night! lol   I told hubby - ENOUGH!  I can't be going here, there and everywhere and still be a homekeeper and take care of what I need to at home AND spend time with my family.  It really was getting a bit out of hand.  So the message tonight at church was about REST!  I took my anxieties to the altar and all that satan has thrown at my family recently.  He is out for the kill evidently but I won't let him take away my rest that God promises! Then I was reading a blog and a playlist was playing and I heard a song (of which I probably would have never heard because I don't listen to country music) but the lyrics were so hilariously coincidental to the message at church tonight that I had to post them.  It reminded me so much of "back home" and growing up in good 'ole Tennessee with its lazy summers and sweet tea. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Blogging or Commenting

This applies for bloggers and commentors alike and with the busybodies no longer just going from house to house but rather blog to blog, i.e. trolls; this list is in dire need of attention in the blogosphere!  I found it here . 1. How does my post glorify God and exalt Christ? Or am I seeking to only expand my daily readership by addressing controversial issues just for controversy's sake? (1 Cor. 10:31) 2. How does it equip the body of Christ biblically to be better Bereans on any issue they face? (Acts 17:11) 3. How does it convict and challenge me in my own life before I turn its truths on another? IOW, what do I need to learn, model, obey and repent of first before calling others to do the same? (Psalm 119:10-17) 4. How does it bring truth and foster change to the one I am disagreeing with? (Eph. 4:13-16) 5. How does it edify and encourage - not just exhort? (Eph. 4:1-3; 26-32) 6. How does it communicate real biblical resolve? (Roms. 12:1-2) 7. How does

Technology Shapes Our Personality? Tech Addicts?

You may have seen in the NY Times lately articles suggesting that technology has been found to shape our personalities and even cause problems such as becoming more impatient, unable to concentrate and form "real-life" relationships and carry on person-to-person conversations.  Internet addictions are a real thing and many are addicted and this can be evidenced by the crisis situation that occurs when they can't update their facebook or twitter status.  If you find yourself easily offended when someone even talks against, suggests you have an addiction or that you spend too much time on technology - then you already have a problem. I'm going to start counting the times someone tells me " Oh, that's right, you don't facebook so you didn't know..... "  I feel 'left out of the loop' but is it really that important to know everyone's business that much?  Do I need to know that so and so is getting coffee or this one is picking their