Homekeeping Schedule

When we get back to homeschooling, my homekeeping schedule gets a bit more rigid.  I feel very disorganized, chaotic and mentally stressed out if I don't have a conscious understanding of what needs to get done and what my priorities are.  So here is my homekeeping schedule and I have been following this up until my back injury but will return to it when we return to homeschooling.

Monday - dishes, wipe counters
Tuesday - 3 hour cleaning marathon; ALL laundry
Wednesday - dishes, wipe counters
Thursday - dishes, wipe counters
Friday - dishes, wipe counters

As you can see, every day but Tuesday is just washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen counters.  I've learned, if you clean the whole house one day a week, that is sufficient.  Unless of course, you are a slob lol!  Also, I set rules for my daughter that she can't bring any toys or papers, etc into the common areas unless she asks permission and then cleans up afterwards.  That way I don't have toys, papers and the like strewn all over the house!

My Tuesday 3-hour-marathon cleaning is where it all gets done.  I've done it this way up until I injured my back and it works.  I do both bathrooms - toilets, counters, floors, mirrors; Vacuum all floors, sweep and mop all others; Dust; straighten.  While homeschooling during the day and through the evening, I do all the laundry and then fold Tuesday night.  I can tell that Tuesday night is the most rewarding feeling when its ALL done!  ;-)

For fall and spring cleaning - those things take me a week of cleaning everyday and I have yet to do my fall cleaning and hoping I will be able to but if not - honestly, the walls and under the stove, etc. can wait till spring.

My daughter cleans her room and I only go in there twice a year (every 6 months) to organize, sort and go through her clothes.  Like for instance, every fall and spring I go through her clothes and shoes and store whatever doesn't fit anymore and do an inventory of what she needs.  Next month we will be doing all that, so maybe I can share a bit more on that later.

Weekends are when I do extras I may want to do and I also take a glance at what's ahead for the homeschool that coming week.  Weekends are our families - whatever days.  We are busy with church activities and yard work.

As far as meals go - I can tell that you from April-July I only cooked 3 times!  That was thanks to my freezer/batch cooking.  I used to cook about 90 days during that time and to go from 90 to 3 - whew! Gotta love that once-a-month-cooking!  I'm planning to do my next month's meals next week and even want to try sometime this winter, doing 2 or 3 months worth of freezer meals to get ahead.  I just got 2 new OAMC cookbooks and going to try some new recipes.