Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would You Still Be Called a Christian?

Would You Still Be Called a Christian?
by Barbara Cagle Ray

Would you still be called a Christian,
If others could hear every word you say?
What if they read your inner thoughts,
And saw the places you go every day?

If others saw how you treat your parents,
Would the word "honor" come to mind?
And if they looked at the books you read,
Would you be ashamed of what they'd find?

How about the movies that you attend,
Could you ask the preacher to go along?
What about the kind of tunes you sing,
Is your character echoed in the songs?

Could the world see Christ in your life,
When with misfortune it was overrun?
If others could see inside your hearts,
Would you still be called a Christian?

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Nancy said...

Hi Bev,

My comment is actually not in response to this post, although I REALLY love this poem! What a conviction! I am going to look this up and share it with others.

My comment is actually for prayer.

I live in CA, and today, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Prop 8 (marriage is only between a man and a woman) is unconstitutional! =( This is a tragic day! We have voted time and time again and yet it keeps going to the courts! My brother, who supports the overturning of the proposition, says that the judge is protecting a minority's rights. I just say, if the vote of the people was not even going to matter, why keep playing the game of democracy? I understand that this is the United States of America, and people should have rights, but you can't give rights to perverse people! What about when people want to marry animals? Or have multiple wives. Or marry a family member or a chlid? Also, it is going to open more and more doors to teaching children in schools that it is okay to be gay. President Bush appointed this judge, and the worse part is that the judge himself is gay!!

I am extremely saddened, because I go to a Christian university and I see many of my classmates celebrating this overturning!! I live in Southern California, and still get exposure to many homosexual couples; from peers in my public high school, to seeing couples at theme parks such as Disneyland, etc.

I'm sorry for this extremely long comment, but I ask you to PLEASE pray for this state. Pray for my classmates to see how this is not pleasing to the Lord if they truly believe in the Bible and His Truth. Thank God you homeschool your daughter! I was not sure whether I would homeschool or send my future children to a Christian school, but after seeing my peers at my own school, though it IS university (my first Christian school, as my parents are not saved) and I have decided that while I may trust the teachers, I can never know what children will put into my future kid's minds. Please pray also for the salvation of my family.

Thank you for your blog! I follow it and it has blessed me immensely!

Thanks for taking the time to read my extremely long comment!

God bless you sister!

Angie said...

Yep, folks can put on a pretty good "show". But, you can't hide from Christ. He sees and hears everything. Just like he heard my "road rage" today. Well I just can't help it! Hehe. Turn signals were invented for a reason.

Very thought provoking post! ;)

candy ♥ said...

amen! so true!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey now Angie, was that you today? hehe just kidding! ;-) Thanks for the comments ladies!

Nancy - I was saddened at the overturning of that vote as well and that just isn't right that one judge (a homosexual one at that) could overturn something that already went through a vote in a state. I'm praying that the appeal of that goes through and we can reverse the reverse LOL.

Stay strong and keep the faith - these are the last days and its only worse from here on out from what the Bible tells us. It will show who the real Christians are and who will stand for righteousness despite it being unpopular.

I prayed for you and California and that God would heal our land!


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