Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 5

Question #6
Hi Bev.
Okay here are my questions for you to answer:
1. What is a typical day like for you and your family?
2. Who is the disciplinarian in your family?
3. Where is your familys' favorite vacation spot getaway?

  1. Other than the basics of wake up, eat breakfast, etc - we do homeschool and then I do my house responsibilities.  We have a lot of church activities during the week.  I did a longer description below.
  2. My husband ultimately, but we both have that responsibility
  3. Other than visiting our home states, currently, we really enjoy going to Leavenworth, Washington - a small, Bavarian town nestled in the mountains!  My dream spot would be Italy!

Daily Schedule - my daily schedule is changing since we are starting up homeschooling again, so I will give you that schedule, since it is the one I follow the most for the year.  

Wake up, drag myself to the coffee pot hehe.  Fire up the computer and drink 1 cup of coffee over about 30 minutes reading google reader, news and once awake - doing my Bible study while eating breakfast.  I do my Bible study/reading on my computer using e-sword.  It is so easy for me to look up Hebrew/Greek words right there within the text and see maps, commentaries, etc.  Sometimes, my Bible study takes an hour - mostly its about 20 minutes followed by prayer.  Or sometimes, I do the prayer first and then Bible - just depends.  

Katie usually wakes up around this time and I get her breakfast and she will do whatever she wishes for the first 40 minutes of the day.  Then we start school.  After 1st hour or 2nd hour, we break for lunch and then finish 3rd hour of school and we are done.

I then, exercise, eat a snack and wash my hair.  Katie has quiet time and reading time in the afternoon/evening.  Sometimes we go outside if its nice.  Before dinner, I usually check my email, answer comments, etc or read. Dinner is easy since its only heat it up most days thanks to OAMC!  Then we have our evening activities.

That's about it!  On Tuesdays, I do all my cleaning/laundry and only do dishes/countertops on the other days of the week.  I do the OAMC one day a month and then baking one day a month, although I do bake bread every Tuesday.  

I've been on a pretty loose schedule and now that we are starting homeschool - its hard for me to get back to having to get things done by a certain time but I will be back in the groove soon hopefully!