Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Storing Freezer Meals - Utilizing Space in a Small Freezer

I wanted to give you all an idea of how you can utilize a small chest freezer and easily fit in freezer meals along with other items.  First, I will show you the freezer space above our fridge - where we store ice cream, berries, ice, ice packs and whatever else.  I also keep my sauces here and you can see that you can get the ones that stack and then I use freezer bags for my pizza sauce:

When packaging up your meals, you will find that most easily go into freezer bags - only casseroles need a larger container usually.  Here is an example of how little space these meals take up, this is 4 meals of sloppy joes flattened and stacked:

For my casserole dishes, I stack those on the side ledge and put a piece of strong cardboard between them so they don't smoosh together.  I didn't have enough room for the 4th one, so I stack it on top of the other items.  Here are some photos I took of my small chest freezer to give you an idea of how little space freezer meals take up:

Until the meals freeze solid - I will keep them on the top baskets.  Then once they are hard, I stack them with the others in the bottom.  I still have a lot of space for the rest of freezer cooking this week, making 4 total months worth of freezer meals.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for these photos, you have inspired me!! I'm getting ready to add some freezer meals to my freezer, and I liked seeing the way you stacked your 9X13" casserole dishes, what a good idea!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Glad it helped, thanks for the comment Jackie! :)


Alyssa said...

Hi, I am new to this blog and I love the freezer meal ideas. How do you get started? It looks a little overwhelming at first. I would love to do this for my family. Thanks!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I just researched it online wherever I could and then brainstormed and came up with a plan! It is daunting at first but you can do it! ;-)


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