Striving for the Mastery

My Pastor gave the theme of our church's spring conference - "Striving for the Mastery" and each year I like to have a theme for that year and chose the conference theme as it fits my personal goals as well.  Surely we all have things to work on and this past year my life took a turn for the better as I matured a bit more. God helped me heal from my past, showed me tools to use to do so and I've been able to not let my past failures derail my future.

Sunday morning's message was so timely as Pastor talked about "Precious Memories" - referring to what we SHOULD be thinking on - the times God forgave us and picked us up again, NOT the failures, mistakes and sins.  God has really shown me this past year that most of my problems are because of what I think upon - I create my own misery!  I want to rather, think upon those precious memories, not only of God's grace and mercy, but also the good memories of my past.

I wanted to outline some of my goals for this year:
  1. Be more devoted - Bible reading (see 90-day plan here); Prayer; Witnessing
  2. Return to a healthy weight - read "Time to Get Back 2 It"
  3. Keep my homekeeping schedule - this past year was the year I really got on track with my schedule and planning, etc.  I want to keep that up this year, always improving and making things better.  I'm loving that I have had meals from Oct-Feb finished and plan on keeping the 3-month freezer cooking rotation going this coming year.  I also like doing my one-day-a-week cleaning marathon.
  4. Perfect our homeschool - we have really been pretty lax and took the entire month of December off.  I plan on perfecting our homeschool more this year and its something that is always being perfected as we learn as we go.
  5. Learn to sew -  how many years have I said this was the year I would sew?  Well, way too many and this is the year, Lord willing, I learn how to sew.  I was able to make curtains but I want to be able to make my daughter's clothes as I have so many ideas in my head - just need to be able to put them together into an outfit.
I may add more as I go but these are my main goals for this coming year - keeping God first is the key! ;-)