Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Hair Care Regime

You can read my previous post from on hair care here and then there is also a series of "My Hair Story".   Someone had asked about hair care tips, so I thought I would do another post on it.  You can click on the first link above and basically still do the same thing I have done for years with my straight hair, except I do curl it LESS now than I did years ago.

It's not just wash, condition and go - you have to be gentle with your hair and even rubbing your hair with a towel can damage it, cause frizz, etc.  Here is my hair cleaning regime:

Shampoo mostly concentrating on the scalp and using the suds for the ends; Rinse.  Condition with half-palm size of conditioner only from ears down!  I don't use conditioner on my scalp or above my ears.  I then very gently put the conditioner on my ends with my head flipped over.  Then I gently use a wide-toothed comb (I keep one in the shower) from ends up to scalp.  Then I put my hair in a loose bun at the nape of my neck and cover it with a shower cap.  I leave it in the shower cap anywhere from 3-5 minutes.  Then I rinse it out.

When finished, very gently work your hands from scalp to ends squeezing with your hands - don't twist or rub.  Then I flip my hair over in the shower and squeeze from scalp to ends again to remove excess water.  Then I put the towel over my hair and it give it a twist to secure it on top and wear it for about 5 minutes.

Next, I take a wide-toothed comb and fluff my roots up, then comb my hair gently and it glides straight through - because remember, I combed it with conditioner in the shower so its not tangled.  Then I let it air-dry and depending upon humidity in the house, it usually takes anywhere from 2-3 hours and sometimes its dry enough to walk out the door at 1 1/2 hours, just damp underneath.

You can read about the coconut oil treatments here.  I do those just monthly now or whenever I curled my hair to prevent breakage.  I still clarify my hair about twice a month with Suave's Daily Clarifying Shampoo.  This is to remove buildup from my shampoo/conditioner that is inevitable.

Most people don't think about how they sleep on their hair damages it. I always throw my hair back behind my pillow and I also taught my daughter to do this and she does it every night - its a habit for her now.  It also keeps my hair looking good for the next day and I don't have to wash but every other day.

I comb and go - I no longer use ANY styling products!  I don't use any hairspray, silicone sprays, gels, NOTHING!  Just shampoo/conditioner......and my hair's natural state is allowed to flourish without all these added products.  I also never blow-dry anymore.  There were a few times I did but only in emergencies lol.  I refuse to put my hair through that because the damage is so great.

I also don't use a flat iron - I don't need to because my hair is naturally straight now that the perm is grown out.  The only curling iron I use is the one I told you about in the other post - the heat is so low, I can hold my hand on the iron and it will never burn.  Its barely-there heat and it still curls my hair and it lasts till the next day.

My recipe for perfect hair - a good shampoo/conditioner; NO BRUSHING! Just a wide-toothed comb; NO HEAT and NO products with drying ingredients - like alcohol in hairspray.

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~Life As We Know It~ said...

Hi from the Jordan sisters.

We tried the coconut oil treatment and our hair is so much smoother and healthier and has even grown so thank you very much for putting this info on your blog. :)

~In Christ~
The Jordan Sisters

Christian Homekeeper said...

Wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing Jordan Sisters! :)


my white home said...

this is my fav type of posts!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Mrs. J! :)


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