Training Daughters To Be Keepers OUT of the Home?

God had touched my heart in a recent ladies prayer meeting concerning my daughter.  I thought she needs to be in Girl Scouts and then found out that was a godless organization now thanks to James Dobson coming out against it.  Then I came across American Heritage Girls and thought this was it!  However, there were some things they did (dances, swimming, worldly "Christian" music) that I just didn't agree with.

So I started praying and asking God what I should put my daughter in and He asked me why I felt I needed to?  She interacts with other Christian families' children 5 times a week at church and then attends music lessons once a week in a house full of 6 kids that she plays with after the lessons - why does she need more "social" time!?  It was clear to me as I had hit roadblocks in enrolling my daughter in more "outings" that God wanted me to teach her to be content with church, prayer meeting and homeschool activities and not training her to be out of the house so much.  After all, I'm training up a homekeeper not a gadabout!

Look around you, so many women that claim to be homekeepers are everything but!  They are out of the house so much that they bring a reproach and blasphemy to the gospel by their idleness and going about from house to house being busybodies.  They aren't help meets to their husbands, they are quite the opposite as they tear down their home with their idleness.  Homemade dinner is the last thing on their mind - its all about convenience so she can hang out with yet another busybody or some even stay at home but are not keeping the home because they are full of idleness on the internet and social 'networking'.  Anything to get her out of her house and her husband and children visually suffer!

Why, would I want to train my daughter to be out of the house too?  She isn't going to be in social groups as a grown woman, she is going to be busy with her husband, children and home and church and prayer meeting is ENOUGH time outside the home.  If I spend more than 2 days outside my home during the weekdays, I don't get my responsibilities done.  So why would I seek ways, excuses and places to go to take myself away from the one place I'm called by God to be in?  I shouldn't and don't and neither will I teach my daughter thus.

My daughter loves being home as I remind her this is her calling as she becomes a woman and she must give her all to it.  If I don't live it before her I count myself as a waste.  However, if I live it before her, I'm a benefit and she will forever remember my testimony!
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. ~Pro 31:27-28