Dear House and Child

Dear House and Child,

Do I take more joy in keeping you dear house
Or do I take more joy in putting you aside for you dear child
Do you dear house and your cleanness so clean
Shine better to all of what is really seen
A child neglected
A dish not in the sink
Which do I want more what is seen or unseen

On the floor with you dear child making memories to last
Or do I choose you dear house to remember from my past
Another book to read to you dear child helps you feel a mother's love
Another day forsaking you dear house to help my child make it above

Oh what do I choose
Oh who do I love most
You dear house or you dear child
I can't place first you both

I've made my choice
For this I know
A dirty house will only show
You dear child who I want to know
I have priorities - God, husband, child, and then the rest
And you dear house are not the best

*I just started writing down feelings from my heart today as my house is dirty but my child is not neglected.  In the course I'm taking for homeschooling, one of the disadvantages is a messy house.  This year I choose my child over the house.  I won't regret the time with her and my house won't regret time without me!  I remember my mom cleaning and cleaning in her time off work but she had hardly anytime for me.  She regrets that and so do I.  I would have much rather had a dirty home and a mother that was there!