Look What the Lord Has Done!

He healed my body!!  I had a scare this past weekend with severe pain in my lower back/abdominal region and my pelvic area.  The pelvic pain started the Tuesday before this past weekend and lasted four days and then the back/abdominal pain came late Saturday night.  By Sunday, it was really bad and I went to the walk-in clinic at our doctor's office.  The doctor thought it may be appendicitis and if the pain got worse, I had to go to the ER right away and they don't take any chances - they just open you up and take out your appendix.  She also thought maybe it could be cysts or complications with polyps in my colon I had a few years ago.

I kept asking God........why!?  why!? why!?  It seems that my whole life has been one crazy medical issue after another and I didn't understand why my youth had to spent in such a way.  I guess I started feeling sorry myself lol.  Then I thought, as I have many times, that maybe God is judging me or something from something I did in the past.  That is the devil though - he loves to make us feel like we deserve illness and disease.  I was pretty down.  So I started reminding myself of all the MANY times God has healed me and all the things He has blessed me with and I started praising God!

I wasn't going to church that Sunday night, if anything I thought I was going to go to the ER to have my appendix removed because the pain had increased and I was nauseous.  However, with about 20 minutes before we had to leave, I popped up out of bed and went to church.  I was in pain as the service begin and then the Spirit of God started moving and others started shouting and dancing.  I wanted to, I felt it but there was a nagging thought that if I did I might have the appendix rupture right there.  Well, I told God that I was in His house and I'm in His hands!!  I started dancing and praising God!  Then after we sat down, the pain was pretty bad and the thought came that I shouldn't have done that.  I kept shooting down these thoughts - satan - and trusting God.

At altar call, I prayed so hard and told God I wasn't letting go till He touched me!  I felt God touch me!!  The pain went away!!  Then on the way out, my husband came up from the altar and said to me "Bev, God healed you!"  I've never seen him so full of faith and there was no doubting in his words, he was telling me I was healed, thus saith the Lord.  He told me he felt God touch me, even though he was at the altar and I was in my pew, he felt it and he knew.  WOW!

On the way home, I started having pain again.  I asked my husband why I was having pain, he told me just to keep having faith that God touched me and I did.  Then on Tuesday, the pain got worse but I kept shooting down the doubts and praising God.  I had my ultrasound yesterday and got the results today.  Turns out, it wasn't appendicitis but it was a cyst on my ovary.  However - the best news - the cyst had somehow collapsed recently!!  I know when it collapsed - it collapsed Sunday night as I was praying and God touched me!!  He did it!!  Praise the Lord!!

So now, all is well and the doctor/nurse was excited too and said my pain should go away because the problem is gone.  The only one not excited by this news is satan - he really wanted me down, he is trying to prevent my life and goals from happening but he can't stop God!!  God is a healer and I'm sharing this with you all to encourage you in faith and to uplift the name of the Lord!!!