A Look Back on 2011

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to look back on what all happened in 2011 in my life.  My daughter prayed for salvation this year!  Our family also finally became DEBT FREE!  We paid off the last medical bill in February and rejoiced in God's goodness!  This was also the year that I started being able to talk with my Pastor about some deep things and get deliverance.  I bettered myself in my role as a wife, mother, homekeeper and teacher of my child.  I really feel like I gained a lot more skills this year and bettered other ones.  I did start sewing but quickly lost interest, but who knows, I may pick that up again here soon.

This is also the year I learned to stand up for myself more, work through problems instead of pushing them back in my mind and pray harder.  There are some bad things that happened this past year, but they all worked to my good, so praise God anyhow! ;-)

One word to describe 2011 for me was Growth - not talking waistline here lol, but rather spiritual, mental and emotional growth.  God really did a work in my life and I pray He continues in the next year.

Here are some of the most memorable posts from 2011: