Part 1 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

I started reading "Homeschooling at the Speed of Life" by Marilyn Rockett today and I love it!  I'm only in the second chapter but wanted to share my notes with you all as I go along.  I'm finding the book just what I was needing and looking for.  It incorporates God into the home management equation and doesn't leave him out, like so many other authors do.  The scriptures are from a version of a Bible that I've never even heard of, so I keep my KJV handy to look them up.  God has already touched my heart in many areas reading this today!  This book will help you manage your home with homeschooling, but I think any homekeeper could glean wisdom from this book.  The book comes with a CD that has lots of printables for some of the things she talks about in the book!

You can see a preview of the book here.

* We are not striving for a "perfect" home but rather a "God-honoring" home.

Organization is making your life work for you
by bringing the dailiness of life under control
through yielding to the Holy Spirit
concerning the wise use of your time

Chapter 1 - Foundation for Organization
6 Principles
  1. God's Design
  2. God's Plans - God planned even to the smallest detail; creation; tabernacle, etc.
  3. God's Image - When we fail to plan and we don't use our time wisely, our frustration rises from the chaos and confusion, but it also comes from the fact that we are disharmonious with the way God designed us.
  4. God's Command - God commands us to plan.  Doing what we want and how we want all the time, leads to traps of our own making: disorder, lack of productivity and costly price for unwise choices.  God instructs us to do things decently and in order, because that reflects who He is.  Chaos doesn't please Him.  A wise heart knows the proper time and procedure. (Ecc. 8:5b-6a)
  5. God's Provision - God provides for us through plans - His and ours.
  6. God's Lessons - Trust God's plan; Trust God to teach us to determine the wisest use of our time.  Yield to the Holy Spirit for choices.
Chapter 2 - Real-Life Home Management
Ordinary people think merely of spending time.  Great people think of using it. - Author Unknown
  1. People and Things - People are more important than things, but things out of control hinder our relationships with people.
  2. Establish Priorities - write out family mission statement with what the family decides are the priorities, then evaluate each new activity whether it will fit.
  3. Set Goals & Plan Ahead - The resourceful woman foresees potential problems before they occur and takes action to prevent those problems.  Make a list of things I want to change, then set a goal and a plan to reach that goal.
  4. Keep It Simple Sweetie (KISS) - establish a simple basic routine based on a predictable sequence.  Assess each room with a paper divided into four sections: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually (or Seasonally).
  5. Write Things Down - make a list with four columns: Errands, To-Do, Projects and Non-Emergency Tasks
  6. Begin Small - face the things that trouble you the most.  One step at a time.
  7. Deal with Clutter - clutter not only affects the aesthetics but also the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your life.
  8. Don't Compare - Learning from others is a positive; comparing yourself to others is detrimental.  Has the urgent crowded out the important in your busyness?
  9. Be Flexible and Trust God - Distractions happen; expect them!  God will guide you.  The things that come up in your life aren't surprises to God.
  10. Sloooow Down and Say No - There is no cure for over-commitment short of amputation of unnecessary activities.  Align your choices with your priorities.  *Raising and teaching your children is the most important, long-reaching mission you'll accomplish with your life; and God has called you to that task.
  11. Take Time for the Lord and for Rest - You have to plan the time for God and for rest.  Mothers need rest and refreshment in order to serve their families.  If you are too busy to meditate on Scripture and to pray, you are out of balance.
  12. A Mother's Job Description - always adjusting trifles.  Real life brings pressure for the difficult job of managing a home while home educating, and you must continually adjust and start again.
  13. Persevere - Learn from mistakes and move forward towards your goal.
This was from the second point above but it was such a powerful statement in the book and one I totally agree with, that I wanted to bring your attention to it more. 
The resourceful woman foresees potential problems before they occur and takes action to prevent those problems.