Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the Walls Come Down - New Friendships on the Horizon

I came across this post this past weekend and made me realize that there are so many women out there looking for friendships too and I wasn't alone.  I've kept my friendship circle so small and limited the past few years, but I'm branching out and it feels good.

We don't have any family within 3,000 miles of where we live and even though we attend a large church there are limits on who we can hang out with.  Realizing that was beyond my control, I poured my heart out to God.  In Alaska, I didn't really hang out with my church friends very often but rather with other women in the community.  For some reason, when I moved here to Washington, I kept my circle so small and limited to just those that attended my church.  However, now that is even smaller with limitations and there is too much drama in certain situations to be honest - so I realized that I - me alone - had closed myself in to such a small circle.  I had participated in the past in homeschool events and met many women but I let my own insecurities and walls keep them away.  Well, walls no more - here I am world.....I'm so ready!

I told God the past few days with tears that I wanted friends that wouldn't flip out over some little detail.  Friends that you could work things out with, if the situation ever arose.  Friends that wouldn't go all weird on you for no reason.  Basically, I wanted some good, mature friendships!  Friends that wouldn't try and lead me the wrong way.  Friends that were happy and didn't want to talk about everyone else all the time but rather have some good, old fashioned fun!

God answered my prayer today.  I went to a playground with my daughter and was just going to sulk in the corner playing checkers on my Kindle lol.  Then a lady started talking to me and kept talking.  She was so full of life, excited about being a homekeeper, was a Christian and even thinking of homeschooling.  Our daughters hit it off really well playing together too.  I kept thinking to myself - Wow God, that was fast!  After giving her my information to hook up again and she left, another lady sat down and started talking to me too.  I was thinking how happy I was just to have one new friend, now God sent me another!  Turns out, she has a friend who has daughters my daughter's age and are in a large homeschool group. She is going to give her friend my info and they will call me about the group!

I left there thanking God in my heart for his goodness.  I just kept saying on the drive home, "God is so good!"  God saw my circumstance and chose to answer my prayers and fill my heart with joy.  God is just so good!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

What About Socialization?........And Other Mythical Questions

Even though I stopped volunteering that we homeschool, thanks to all the condescending responses we have received by sharing that fact, I still can't escape the looks and comments.  The biggest one that most homeschoolers are used to is "what about socialization?"  I want to know if anyone could please tell me just what social skill it is that my child should mimic from the public school halls?  Could it be the bullying or the same-sex kissing in the hallways, that she is missing out on seeing on a daily basis?  Or maybe she is missing out on the playground recess rape tag game that has been the cool thing to do at an ELEMENTARY school, where to unfreeze another kid, you have to hump them, and to tag you grab or pull on their genitals?  By the way, they learned it on Facebook, another great place for children.

I'm sure she is missing out on the wonderful teachers we hear so much about in the news almost weekly now that are molesting children or teaching them communism and homosexuality.  She is missing out on the curriculum being distributed across the country that is "mandatory" learning for elementary children on diversity and how its ok to like the same sex.  How can a teacher in L.A. molest 23 children, ages 6-10 for 5 YEARS, taking pictures and having them drink his semen from a spoon without being caught that long?  Then today, they are finding out as more children come forward that there is a second teacher at the same school that committed lewd acts with children!  How many more are doing the same during school-time that might not ever get caught?  How about not trusting your children to strangers and godless individuals for 8 hours a day Mon-Fri?

My daughter is missing out on the free abortions given, without parent's approval, at many public high schools across the US.  One 15-yr old girl, was able to kill her unborn baby during school hours without her parent's even knowing.  My daughter will never have that privilege, I guess she really is missing out on all the "fun."  She will not get to learn that having sex before marriage is the "cool" thing to do, she will actually be taught abstinence and that abortion is murder - boy is she missing out!

Let's not forget all the quality education going on at the nation's public schools.  Taking God out of the curriculum, really leaves a whole lot more time for real wisdom doesn't it?  Just look at these shining examples from a high school in my state of Washington who think Bin Laden is the Vice President and too many "oops" moments in this civics quiz.

Wow, is my child really missing out on some socialization and quality teaching!  You are so right, she is!  I say PRAISE GOD, HALLELUJAH, she is missing out on all that evil, false-teaching, debauchery, atheism, homosexualism and many more multitudes of godless socialization!  I'm so glad that we have chosen quality, wholesome, moral and GODLY socialization for our children.  I love my child too much to let her be lied to and taught things against God and all immoral behaviors.  I would rather teach her what God wants her to know!

1 Cor. 15:33
Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 

So the question isn't 'what about socialization', the question is what "KIND" of socialization do you prefer?  Remember, you can sacrifice your time now raising your children in God's Word and correct history and science and marital correctness OR you can pray the rest of your life that God will undue all the damage that 12 years of immorality in the public school system has taught them.  It's your choice.

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