Hair Update - March 2012

My last hair post was in April 2010 and then one with pictures of my hair curled in Nov. 2010, so it has been a while mainly because I'm not preoccupied with my hair as it finally reached the place where I wanted it.  It is very easy to manage - just wash and let air dry and comb - that is it, seriously!  Every now and then I curl using water and sponge rollers and sometimes I do hot rollers or a curling iron but that is very rare.

Last I measured it was 32.5 inches long and today it is........38 inches!  So it has grown 5.5 inches in 2 years.  I'm still far away from what my hair used to be at 50 inches here, that was before I got 2 perms that sadly broke incredible amounts of my hair off over the past few years.  However, my hair is now repaired and looking healthy like it used to, though not as thick as it was when I was 25.  For those who may be new readers, I don't cut or trim my hair - last time I did was 1999.

I took some shots today in the bathroom of my hair down, up and then flipped up and over too.  I took a close-up of my strands and also of my ends as well.  My hair is naturally straight and this is after a wash and air-dry.  I may curl my hair, just so I can show you how it looks curled too in another post.