If Not For That 13-Year Old Mattress.........

This past Friday, I woke up once again with neck pain.  I've been suffering with it for a few months now from our mattress that is 13 years old.  The mattress goes down in the middle and then when my husband is laying down, I can't help but roll into him.  I feel like I'm rolling downhill every night and it takes me a long time to fall asleep because I'm so uncomfortable and by morning, I wake up in pain and my neck hurts all day, though it gets better as the day goes on, it returns in the morning.

Katie wanted to call my husband at work and she had it on speaker in the kitchen, while I was laying in bed in pain.  He put his co-worker on the phone to talk to Katie and the man asked her "What did you eat for breakfast this morning?" Katie said "I haven't eaten anything yet because my mom is still in bed."  My heart sank and thoughts ran through my head of what this man must think of this homekeeping, homeschooling mother that is still in bed and whose child hasn't ate breakfast yet.  Then the thought of why I was in bed rose up - the 13-year old mattress that causes me pain!  Then, I got mad at my husband for 1.  Making me sleep on a 13-yr old mattress and 2. Having his co-worker talk to Katie and then me receive this embarrassment.  So what did I do?  Well, not what I would have typically done - I had held my peace about this mattress for way too long and today, my husband was going to hear it from me LOL!

So I called him back letting him know why I was still in bed (neck pain) and whose fault it was (his for making me sleep on a 13-yr old mattress) and told him he had to tell his co-worker WHY his wife was laying in bed with an unfed child!  I also told him that I had had enough, I was going to take money out of savings and buy a new mattress myself.  Needless to say, we both quickly ended the conversation.

Then came the conviction and guilt for what I had done, I probably felt it while I was letting my husband have it but I pushed it aside in my "I'm going to tell him a thing or two" pride.  I knew I was wrong and even though my actions may have had justifiable reasons, they were not what a Godly wife would say or do.  I felt so bad and called my husband to apologize.  He didn't think I needed to apologize but I knew I did!  My husband said he had told the co-worker the situation about our mattress and my neck pain.  Shortly after, the co-worker came to my husband and said "I want to give you all a King-size bed and mattress set."  He was decided on it and wanted us to have it, it was barely a year old bed-frame with mattress set that his grandmother had but she passed away recently and he gets the bed.

I had been praying for a King-size bed for a few years now but my husband had said "the only way we can get that, is if God does it Bev, so just get that out of your mind."  I cried because I was not WORTHY of this!  I didn't deserve this after how I acted and I was overwhelmed by God's blessing to us despite my contentious spirit to my husband.  I'm thankful for God answering my prayer and I learned a valuable lesson with this situation - no, it isn't make sure to tell your husband off LOL - it is to always make it right!