It's a Boy!!!!

We had our ultrasound and found it was a boy!  He is large and they are expecting me to have a big baby.  There is one problem, there is a heart abnormality, but the fetal medicine doctor said it was only one so he isn't too concerned.  He said it can signal down syndrome, but usually there is more than one abnormality to be that and the fetus is only showing one right now.  They want to check it again in a few weeks with another ultrasound and go from there.  We believe God can and WILL heal his heart, so pray with us!

I'm also 3 or so days farther along but they aren't changing my official due date yet.  He is breech and has been through all 3 ultrasounds I've had, so if he stays that way, with me being high-risk, and with a previous c-section - I'm not going to risk it, but rather opt for what we feel is the best option.  If he is 9 pounds or bigger......well, no way is that baby coming out the normal way LOL - sorry, not going there lol, he will be another c-section lol.

I'm excited and God keeps blessing us with more baby stuff from others and his room is already getting full of his goodies!  I feel that I can start planning his room now, but we may not set it up till he is around 3 months when we move him into his room.  I plan on doing a theme of zoo animals in bright colors - lime green, bright blue, bright red, bright yellow and bright orange.  We already have been given some items that go right along with this color scheme and theme!  I will have to take pictures when time permits hopefully.