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Conforming to Christ Alone

Someone had once preached about being a non-conformist in the context of the Word of God proclaiming we should not conform to the world; it's worldly mentality or way/pattern of thinking.   Romans 12:1-2  It was an awesome message and God really used it to encourage me and show me some things. The preacher had spoke about an Earl Nightingale story about the pumpkin in the jug and you can read the full story here .  In summary, the story speaks about a farmer who took a glass jug and placed one of the pumpkins inside of it.  The pumpkin grew into the jug but could grow no further because the glass jug had restricted its growth. It correlates with our life telling us we shouldn't let someone else, or even ourselves, put restrictions or limitations on our life.  We don't have to conform to anyone. You can say, well the remedy if you are in a "jug" that restricts you - just break out of it.  But HOW!?  Do you just ask God to deliver you?  Is it a mental process

The Television

I have a long story of my TV experience growing up but I will try and give a summary. We didn't have a TV until I was 9, and it was quite a change when that TV came in! It is something that is forever embedded in my mind and even as a child, I saw its detrimental effects on my parents, our family and even myself. It wasn't long before we all had a TV in our rooms and at dinner, we took our food to our rooms and sat in front of our "teacher" the TV. From then on, the only time we sat together for dinner was holidays. I watched my parents slowly allow things into our home and watched my Dad stop preaching against them over time. What was once thought sin, one at a time, became " ok " and acceptable...after all, it was once saved, always saved so who cared? From worldly music to cursing - it was all ok now. However, before the TV, I can not forget the first time my Dad found a worldly music cassette tape in my oldest Sister's purse. He called us