Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bond That Teaches Our Children - Love and Jesus

Today I've been married to the most wonderful man on this earth, my husband, for 13 years.  We were just 20 years old when we said "I do" and we still feel that same giddy, loving feeling that we did those many years ago.  We don't hide our love, our affection and even our disagreements from our daughter because she needs to see what marriage is really like.  Most importantly, she needs to see that even when you have disagreements, you work them out - quickly - and this is made possible because of God!

I wasn't sure if my daughter had understood marriage or learned much at 9 years old, but was surprised when she presented us with a card she had picked out and she also added in her own writings at the end.  It touched my heart that she picked out such a card AND that she wrote such amazing words.

The card:

For Mom and Dad On Your Anniversary

Because of the two of you, I know what love is.
It's patience.  It's sacrifice.
It's sharing joy and keeping faith.
It's what keeps us strong and helps us find our way...

Because of the two of you, I know what family is.
It's laughing.  It's listening.
It's growing up and growing together.
It's being there for each other, no matter what...

Because of the two of you, I know that love and family
are at the heart of a good life and a lasting marriage.
Because of the two of you, I'll always be thankful
for the love we have and the family we are.

Katie's own writings added at the end of this card:

Because of the two of you, you have tought me how to love and follow Jesus.  Thank you!

Talk about worth it all!!!!

The day when your 9 year old daughter gives you an anniversary card with meaning - wonderful.

The day when your 9 year old daughter writes, that because of your marriage, you have taught her how to love and follow Jesus - priceless!!!!!!

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Linda said...

That is so sweet! Sometimes they say things that just melt your heart.

Anonymous said...

It did! Thanks Linda! :)

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