Saturday, June 29, 2013

That Place.....

Have you ever came across a photo or a drawing and have it take you somewhere that you knew you wanted to be but didn't know how to get there?  Your heart ached for that place where you knew you belonged.  Then, a few years or even months later, that feeling came back again but this time, maybe it was from a smell or simply an idea that you heard and you were once again reminded of

I've been to 'that' place so many times in my life and recently it is occurring closer together than ever before as I'm nearing it.  To me, that place is full of peace and happiness and most of all - simplicity.  I keep going towards it and getting closer but never yet touching it.  I seem to foil my own plans of reaching it.  It is a place that I once knew before the distractions of this technological world came.  Before the internet, before the blogs and all the mass of ideas floating around the internet - before the overload.

That place for me is simplicity.  The simple things in life.  Freshly baked bread wafting through the house, a house that is simple and yet lovely.  Flowers from my garden in a vase on the table.  My children playing on the floor with toys they invented themselves.  No internet or techie device - definitely no gaming devices.  A cup of tea and cookies await me on the covered porch with my Bible and stacks of books as I spend a few hours engrossed in their pages.

What I've come to realize is that this place is getting closer as I continue to simplify my life and rid myself of things that just aren't important.  I'm on the path to that place - and it will be worth it when I get there!

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tealady said...

I know how you feel,it wasn't even 5 years ago that I had never touched a computer nor did I want to.I still don't own a cell phone.I have thought of just getting rid of my computer,but then I would miss out of having ever met such wonderful Christian sites such as yours.

The evil's of some sites should not be allowed.I have put in certain words in the search engine and something else pops up( don't look up cherry pie) I am not old enough (I'm 51) to see that garbage.

Anonymous said...

I love blogs and not ready to give them up lol. For sure don't give up mine tealady! =0 I just love them a bit too much sometimes. If you put your Google (or whatever search engine you use) settings to moderated, you won't get "those" sites - I haven't seen one in years because I set it to where it doesn't include them in my searches.

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