Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Look Around....

Loved this post about homeschooling, here are some quotes:
So I’ll send my child to public school during her formative years, watch as her attention starved peers attempt to tear her to emotional shreds for the next decade, and then, at the end of it all, she’ll be “socialized”? Really?
What’s next? Should I soak in a tub full of sewage and hepatitis for the sake of “health and hygiene”? Thanks, but I’ll pass, on both counts.
“Oh, but you don’t want to be too protective of your kids,” I’m told. “You don’t want to shield them.”
Yes. Yes I do. That’s my job. I will shield them and I will protect them, because they are my children and that’s why I’m here. Again, I understand that not everyone can home school, but it’s truly insane, and dangerous, and appalling to pretend that a child benefits from the sort of bullying and social torment that is rampant in modern public schools.
Good Lord, look around you. Are you surrounded by well adjusted, mature, “sociable” individuals?
Where are they? Where are these “socialized” people I hear about so often? I don’t see many of them, but I do see a lot of narcissists, and substance abusers, and people on psychotropic medication, and people who have never been in a healthy relationship in their entire lives. I see a lot of dependency and insecurity. I see a lot of desperation and confusion.

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Megan said...

Love this! Although i don't homeschool yet (my daughter's only 2), but i already know and hear the arguments against it especially the 'socialization' theory and i have asked the same thing. What socialization skills does school teach? Obviously not very great ones when you see how peers treat eachother which continues on to adult-hood in the work place or on social media etc. Clearly we don't have a well-adjusted society which respects and considers one anohter. Next is the education issue, how can homeschooling be as good as a qualified teacher and school system? Well i know that in the 6mths of highschool distance education i did while living in the country taught me far more than i would have learned in a whole year of school or more as i had to be focused and couldn't get away with not completing things or falling through the system. I had to be accountable and transparent with my school work and didn't have all the distractions so got through it a lot quicker! Speaking of distractions, i can't believe of all the children i know in school that spend the day texting and twittering away when they are apparently in class?! We couldn't even pass a note without being caught out so how are kids able to do all this during class time? I'm already facing the comments and arguments about why my daughter should be in daycare such as socialization, learning and how she needs to learn to be independent of me, lol she's 2! Oh and it's better for her immunity to catch all the illness that go around daycare lol. So far my daughter has surpassed her daycare peers as far as learning goes and is a confident very social girl so i don't feel the need to put her in an institution as yet! Sorry for the long post, just wanted to say i totally agree!;)

Anonymous said...

I agree Megan, thank you for the comment! :-)

Sharon said...

You should see the questioning, (more like interrogation) I used to go through at the doctor's office. Now, I just give them my, "Go ahead, make my day," look and they know better then to question my Biblical rights.
There is an enemy out there, he's looking to devour our families, our home and our children. And having our children spend over 6,500 days on earth before they're 18, we certainly do not have the power to overcome such evil, every single one of those days...but I'm going to do my best to try. Keeping them out of a public institution is a big start.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon!

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