Love Wins Every Time!

No matter what we face.  No matter how we feel.  No matter how terrible the storm is.  Love wins every time!  There is just something about love that can break down every barrier, every lie, every storm and obstacle that comes to our lives.  When love comes on the scene, we can think clearly again.  I remember a man that would always talk about seeing others through rose-colored glasses and that has come to my mind so many times throughout the years.  When we look at people through a lens of love, we can't harbor any ill feelings toward them.  We can't hate them or despise them because love won't allow it.

Our perception can be blurred when we lose sight of love; when the cares of this life take over and distractions come to prevent us from seeing the truth.  Satan is the mastermind of distraction.  He is the most skilled weaver of all the webs that entangle us in his lies.  His number one objective is to stop us from looking through those love lenses - he wants to blur your vision with deception.

Though Satan may accomplish so much of these in our lives and cause confusion and battles - he can't stand up to love!  If we could only grasp the true power of love - that is that God Himself is love and that it was He who showed us that love on the cross as he cried out:

Luke 23:34
Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

Oh the love that Christ showed to those who would have him killed!  He saw past their deeds and saw that they were just puppets for Satan - He had love for them that they could be forgiven despite what they had allowed Satan to use them for.  Just the fact that Christ died on that cross for the entire world is the key to this - LOVE is our strongest weapon in fighting Satan.  Intellect and logic won't win every battle - but love wins every time!

If we all practiced using this weapon, we would be able to subdue the enemy in our lives and with each other.  It is time to slip on those glasses and look at people in a new light, a light of love!