Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why I've Been Silent for a While

I've started to write many posts the past few weeks but never published them.  I've been angry.  I've asked God to help me with my anger and then I realized that what I was angry about wasn't an unholy anger as it is the same things God is angry about - every. single. day.

The news article on Fox News an hour ago took the cake and I'm bolted out of silence on this topic that I've had in my mind for quite some time.  In Houston, Texas, they have subpoenaed sermons of pastors of various denominations to see what they are saying about or against homosexuals or gender identity (even the lesbian town mayor).  If they don't turn over these sermons, they will be held in contempt court - go to jail!

Yes, we have arrived in what we all knew was coming.  This actually started many, many years ago when public school was invented by a bunch of God-haters to grab hold of the minds of this nation and mold them slowly into what they wanted and what we have today - uneducated, godless, government-following-zombies.  Now, they can fulfill their ultimate goals and let all you-know-what loose on Christians.

What I'm angry about is that MEN throughout all the past generations have sat idly by and let this happen!  Men have sat on the sidelines, haven't defended diddly squat and let future generations be raised up and brought up in a culture that has gotten more ungodly as the years have gone by.  Where are the Davids and the Daniels?  Where are the Spurgeons and the Wesleys?  A man remarked to my dad, who was a pastor and is now a preacher, that there are no young men really on fire for God anymore.  Why would there be, I mean who is raising these boys up to be infiltrated with the things of God day in and day out?  Who is training them up in God?  Rather, it is the public schools that have trained them up in atheism and parents have allowed it.  Women don't have time to raise kids anymore, or for that matter have any at all!

We are the result of the choices we have made - it is staring us in the face!  Past generations of do nothing have bred a new generation that not only does nothing but it is so full of SELF that they have no natural feelings or love for others anymore.  Why don't the adults teach these children that selfies are actually pride because posting pictures of yourself everyday is nothing but pride!  They can't teach that because they are full of it themselves.

Where are the men that will stand up and defend the gospel?  Where are the men running out into the work of God to preach and reach the lost?  Oh, that is right, they are too busy with Facebook and running their business to have time for that.  Meanwhile, America is going to hell and men are getting more and more feminine and soft.  Women are getting lazy to the point they won't even raise children for God anymore.  Children are getting so vain that they think we all owe them a living because they like have like 5,000 friends on social media.  Yep.....I've got to give credit where credit is due - Mr. Charles Frances Potter:

“Education is the most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?”

It has all come to past and here we are......a society that doesn't want children or if they have them, they don't want to teach them or raise them and they could care less WHAT they are being taught or WHO is teaching them!  As long as they are being "socialized" right?  My children aren't purple penquins - they know their gender because they can look between their legs and see what God created them to be!

Let's pray for Godly men that will defend the gospel no matter what.  Christians in the past had to go through horrific things for their stand for Christ - we have had our bed of ease for so long, we are terrified of what we may have to go through in the future.  Raise up your children in the right ways and fill them with God's Word and be an example of a Godly mother in your home!  If we can't influence the souls in our own home, how can we influence those outside of it.  Start at home and mold future generations for Christ!!

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tealady said...

After reading your post I'm getting mad,everything you said is true and it really stinks.
I find myself having to bite my lip many times during the day,my biggest being the fact that being "gay" is being the new booming trend. I believe that almost everything in life is a choice.

Have seen the T.V. commercial about abortions,this one is really good. So many things that are going to hell in a hand basket.I have been told that I'm old fashioned and I say thank-you.
Go back people become families again. O.K. I'll get off my soap box but I will not stop living my life the Godly way,

Bev I have missed your blog, hope your blogging more soon.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to make you mad LOL! I think a lot of people try to say that just because we stand against homosexuality that we somehow hate the person doing it and that isn't so. We hate the sin, not the person but that will be overlooked as more Christians stand against it - they will be called bigots, haters, etc. as they (we) already are.

I haven't seen the commercials, don't have a TV. Why isn't it that people don't want families anymore? Why is it that people are going against God's design? I don't understand but I know where it came from.

Thanks for missing me tealady! :-)

K said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! I agree with tea lady! Sooo frustrating & yes I believe life is a series of choices places before us by God!
Read this to my hubby & we were both so inspired! We are from Canada & have been noticing these same things. I will take being a "fanatic" for choosing to homeschool my future kids (at least through elementary) so I can be aware of what their minds are being saturated with during those crucial years over letting someone else teach them what the government. deems fit...people are ok with not caring, even Christians are content with being lukewarm, smh, men need to stand up & be the men God created them to be...conquerors, winners, leaders, etc...not passive pushovers....the world is maddening!
Thank you for this post! & thank you for your blog I really enjoy it when you post!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for sharing that K! :-)

Twocans said...

Very true...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Twocans! :-)

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