Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cross-Dressing "Christians" Promote Transgenderism

I don't know what all the hoopla is about when a man says he is a woman and puts on a dress and long hair and then a "Christian" woman in her pants and short hair say that is not normal.  I hate to be the one to fill you in honey but you are cross dressing too!  At least the transgender man/woman knows how a woman should dress.  A transgender woman that says she is a man - wears pants and cuts her hair short.  They aren't confused on the proper look of the sexes but some "Christians" have been for quite some time.

I'm so glad that things are getting this way because it will show us how cross-dressing is wrong and always has been.  Have you seen a gender neutral bathroom sign?  It still has a man in pants and a woman in a skirt - there is a still a difference.  You can't judge transgender people when you yourself are dressing like the opposite gender.  No wonder the world thinks we are a bunch of hypocrites!  God's abominations haven't changed - cross-dressing is STILL abominable to our Creator!

Deut. 22:5
The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

The Geneva Bible's notes on this verse:

For that alters the order of nature, and shows that you despise God.

Matthew Henry's thoughts:

If we would prove ourselves to be God's people, we must have respect to his will and to his glory, and not to the vain fashions of the world. Even in putting on our garments, as in eating or in drinking, all must be done with a serious regard to preserve our own and others' purity in heart and actions. Our eye should be single, our heart simple, and our behaviour all of a piece.

Some so-called Christians have brought shame and reproach to the gospel by allowing the world to come in to all facets of their churches.  Proclaiming Christ while looking, acting, thinking, talking and being like the world - you aren't fooling anyone, I know Satan isn't fooled.  The Bible has told us in many areas to NOT BE DECEIVED - there will be those that will tell you everything is ok.  There will be those that say dress doesn't matter.  There will be those that say you don't have to follow the Bible - once saved, always saved, no matter if you sleep with everyone in town, show your body, lie, cheat, steal and skip church altogether.  Wow, sounds like a religion made by the devil himself as it goes against God's Word.  God clearly said such and such would not inherit the Kingdom of God - yet Billy Bob Joe down the street will tell you as long as you prayed that prayer, it don't matter if you wear daisy dukes and paint your face, your ready to go.  Are you really THAT stupid!?  I guess when you want to sin bad enough, you will believe anything and find any church to tell you exactly what you want to hear.

What is the first thing that a lot of women who leave the truth do?  They put on those pants and cut their hair and paint their faces.  It is to make them more like Christ right?  Or is rather to make them more like the world?  I think you know which one.  It serves no purpose in God - it is all carnal, fleshly and serves vanity and pride and selfishness.  Then, you get people patting them on back for sharing their new, sinful, worldly selves on Facebook - you know why?  Because they want it too and they rejoice in others being licentious.

It is time to look like a woman ladies - give the men their pants and hair back and wear the glory (long hair) that nature itself (of course God) has already taught us is right.  It is time to self-identify as a real woman.  Otherwise, maybe you should be using the men's restroom, p.s. it's the sign with the pants on.

After I wrote this post, a news story came up the following day about this very topic.  Watch the video here:

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tealady said...

This is something I myself have struggled with, I wear a skirt or dress about 80 percent of the time. I was raised wearing pants and it has been a struggle for me at times. I know how to fix it, just throw my pants away but I still find myself putting pants on. It gas been my struggle.

Anonymous said...

You know what I love about you Tealady? You are such an honest woman! I grew up wearing pants too but my mom never did and later on I asked her about it and she said that is just what preacher's wives are supposed to do. However, images in my mind of my mother dressed as a woman are precious to me. When I got saved and God showed me the truth in His Word, I immediately threw all out the pants - except for my military uniform - I had to keep wearing those LOL!

I think the struggle is that so many accepted pants after the 70's. That is when a majority of women went to work and put on pants. However, for most of time in our country, women did not wear pants but as it became more accepted - it was a true test to see who would keep the standard.

The struggle is that our society makes it seem "ok". But look at what our society has deemed "Ok" lately. We can't go by societal norms.

Wearing a skirt makes you stand out and if you are like me, you don't' like to stand out but God wanted us too. I also think it is important for older women to display these things as we need it as younger women! We need examples - especially these days, right? We need the clear distinction in male/female now more than ever.

Nothing more pretty and feminine than a woman in a dress/skirt! It makes you walk differently, act differently, speak differently ... you get the idea! :)

Here is a quote I came across today:

We live in a day when we are more afraid of holiness than we are of sinfulness. - Leonard Ravenhill

Unknown said...

So glad to read this point of view on this. Yes wearing a modest length skirt gets you labeled as weird or crazy, also having long Godly hair... I was raised in church but had a bad childhood when my father got out of jail for the things he was doing to me for 13 years I left the church and allowed the devil to make me think that the worlds way was what I wanted.. I was always so miserable, when I wore pants in public I felt ashamed and humiliated no matter if I got a compliment or not.. Thank God for convection.. He graciously allowed me back and now I don't even want to think about that kind of life... I walked a hard road, but I'm so thankful for a opportunity to live a Godly clean life for Christ.. I can truly raise my hands and know I'm raising clean hands it's amazing.. It's refreshing to know there are women who still uphold morals in a world full of transgenders, fornicators, and every other immoral sin you can imagine...

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that Rebecca! :)

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