Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 - Defined by God!

My phrase and life focus for this New Year of 2018 is Defined by God.  No longer will I allow, and live my life, as defined by others.  No longer will I allow others limitations and judgements of me, define me.  No longer will allow my past and mistakes, failures, or sins define me.  No longer will I succumb to the enemy and his lies and let them define me.  No longer will I let others lord over me and thereby define my life, schedule and choices.  No longer will I let my feelings define who I am.  I will be defined by God!

In 2018, I will endeavor to be what God wants me to be.  I want to be authentically what God has defined me as being.  I will identify with Christ.  I will pursue my destiny, of that which, God has planned for me from the moment he formed me.  God is limitless in what He can do and I will not allow anyone to hamper my life in Christ by placing a ceiling of immobility over me.

I won't live the life that others had/have planned for me.  I will live the life that God has planned for me!  In order to do this, I will draw closer to Him and seek Him and His will and His leading daily.  I will be led by the Spirit of God, not the dictates of man.  I will be defined as a child of God and joint heir with Christ and not subjugate to a lower level by those who seek dominion, control, manipulation and power over me.  I will arise and stand in places I was defined to stand, as promised in God's Word.

I will allow God to cleanse me of the poison of thinking on the past on what others did wrong to me.  I will not let their poison enter into my vessel any longer.  I will keep my heart pure and full of love, mercy and forgiveness.  I will pursue compassion on those that have been hurt.  I will extend a hand of love and pray for others' restoration to know a God that is loving.  I will let God define my actions towards others and let His mind pervade my behaviors.

This is my prayer, my aim, my goals for this New Year of 2018.  May God help me to fulfill every word of it with His strength and keeping power.  Thank you Lord that you have brought me this far and shown me to only be defined by You.

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Eleny said...

Amen! Love your post and the song!! Love you Sis.

Bev said...

Aww Thank you Sis! 👍

DeNiece Barnes said...

Amen Amen and Amen. I needed this post. I just told my husband that I in the year 2018 will not care about what eithers think but focus more on what our father God thinks. I will continue to draw closer to him. I will continue to be the wife and mother that God has me to be. I love the song I have played it twice since reading your post. Also I sent you a Christmas card I hope you received it I will be writing a letter soon. Tell the family hello from my family. God bless

Bev said...

I did get your card and I meant to email you and let you know but we went to be with family for the holidays and I forgot! Thank you so much! This was the first year in a long time that I didn't send out cards, busy year for me.

So glad you enjoyed the post and song, thanks for stopping by! 😊

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