The Law of Blessing From Obeying Gender Roles

I've learned that whether or not you are a Christian, there is a law that seems to happen that whenever the man and woman step into their proper roles - the result is a blessing.  I dare you to try it.  I've done this for 20 years!  If the man fulfills his Godly role of being the provider and the head of the home and loving his wife as Christ loved the church and the woman fulfills her Godly role of being the keeper at home and in submission to her husband and respects him and his decisions - you can't help but be blessed!!

During this time of quarantine we can see so many women acting like they are literally dying by 1. Being home and 2. Being home with their kids.  These women are so unaware of what they were made for.  Their children FEEL that they are unwanted, I know because I was one of them with a mother like that.  Let me tell you something women that are like this, listen to me and listen close.  It is time for you to SURRENDER.  You are called to sacrifice yourself for your husband and children.  You can't be selfish, it will only hurt the ones you are supposed to love the most - your family.  Let go and surrender your agenda and serve your family!

We are called to a life of service as women.  We can't let our own pursuits take over to the point that we are serving self and neglecting not only the very people we are responsible for; our children; but the very thing we are created for!

After 20 years of living on one income and being in my role as a woman and my husband in his as a man, I can look back and see the wonderful law of blessing that God has put upon this type of unity.  It's as if no matter how 2-income couples try their hardest to get ahead, they have to work extra hard for it than we did.  Sometimes God has just handed us things on a platter for free.  Was it just because we were His children?  I don't think so because I know unsaved couples that saw this law of blessing performed in their lives because of the proper unity of roles.  There is just something about obeying the natural roles that applies to everyone!

In reality, the "law" is actual obedience to God's Word and thereby comes the blessing.  God created us in the roles He did and they work in perfect unity when performed and if we do the opposite, we can't expect that this law of blessing will reside upon us because we are in disobedience.  It's time to get this law of blessing working in your family today!  No career is worth disobeying God for and neglecting your home, husband and children.  Disobeying this very basic role for which you are made is only going to hurt you and that, quite possibly, for all eternity.